Student Assembly City and Local Affairs Committee

Eligible ConstituenciesFaculty, Graduate/Professional Student, Staff, Student, Undergraduate Student
Accepting Applications?Yes
Committee List
Committee Description

Advocates on behalf of student interest at the city and county government levels; organizes events that foster a sense of engagement in the Ithaca community for Cornell students.

Committee Members

First Name Last Namesort descending NetID Membership Type - Role
Ella Ackerman ega36 Voting Member - Member
Sue Ahn sa944 Voting Member - Member
Dale Barbaria dkb78 Assembly Manager - Vice President for Internal Operations, SA
Sofia Ellam spe28 Chair - Chair
Jael Ferguson jsf256 Voting Member - Member
Meghan Flanigen mmf222 Voting Member - Member
Gina Giambattista ggc9 Assembly Manager - Director, Office of the Assemblies
Julia Greenberg jpg233 Voting Member - Member
Pamela Hampton ph55 Assembly Manager - Coordinator, Office of the Assemblies
Vernon Lindo vl234 Voting Member - Member
Ching Liuhuang cl2364 Voting Member - Member
Samantha Lustig sl2477 Voting Member - Member
Leah Moore ljm267 Voting Member - Member
Peer Marie Oppenheimer po89 Voting Member - Member
Levi Orenstein-Wolf ljo28 Voting Member - Member
Sarah Park sp776 Ex-Officio Member - Vice President of External Affairs of the Student Assembly (inactive as of 02/14/2018)
Alexis Pollitto ajp344 Voting Member - Member
Gopi Ramanathan gnr22 Voting Member - Member
Nathan Revor nmr54 Voting Member - Member
Chloe Rippe cr487 Voting Member - Member
Jackson Ross-Pilkington jsr328 Voting Member - Member
Jaewon Sim js2689 Ex-Officio Member - Vice President of External Affairs of the Student Assembly

Committee Meetings

Date Location Details
08/27/2017 3:00pm To Be Determined view
09/17/2017 1:00pm MRL 107 view
09/24/2017 1:00pm MRL 107 view
10/01/2017 1:00pm 107 Morrill view
10/15/2017 1:00pm 107 Morrill view
10/22/2017 1:00pm 107 Morrill view
10/29/2017 1:00pm 107 Morrill view
11/05/2017 1:00pm 107 Morrill view
11/19/2017 1:00pm 107 Morrill view
02/04/2018 1:00pm GSH 156 view
02/11/2018 1:00pm GSH 156 view