Student Assembly Executive Committee

Eligible ConstituenciesStudent, Undergraduate Student
Accepting Applications? No
Committee List
Committee Description

The Student Assembly Executive Committee coordinates the officers of the assembly to ensure the smooth operation.

Committee Members

First Name Last Namesort descending NetID Membership Type - Role
Moriah Adeghe ma838 Voting Member - Vice President of Finance, SA
Joseph Anderson jsa94 Voting Member - President, SA
Colin Benedict crb272 Voting Member - Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, SA
Gina Giambattista ggc9 Assembly Manager - Director, Office of the Assemblies
John Hannan jmh535 Assembly Manager - Clerk of the Assembly
Catherine Huang cgh66 Chair - Executive Vice President, SA
Deborah Nyakaru dkn22 Ex-Officio Member - Parliamentarian
Indigo Pavlov iap29 Voting Member - Vice President of External Affairs, SA
Ian Wallace iaw26 Ex-Officio Member - Executive Archivist
Valentina Xu jx63 Voting Member - Vice President for Internal Operations, SA
Lydia Zheng lz337 Ex-Officio Member - Director of Elections

Committee Meetings