Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund Commission

Eligible ConstituenciesStudent, Undergraduate Student
Accepting Applications? No
Committee List
Committee Description

The Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund allocates roughly $75,000 every year to student-led infrastructure projects on Cornell's campus.

Committee Members

First Name Last Namesort descending NetID Membership Type - Role
Joseph Anderson jsa94 Ex-Officio Member - Executive Vice President, SA
Dale Barbaria dkb78 Voting Member - Vice President for Finance of the Student Assembly
Louis Bernardi lmb382 Voting Member - Member
Erik Bucio eb628 Voting Member - Member
John Clancy jac646 Voting Member - Member
Maddie Collins mic36 Voting Member - Member
Olivia Corn osc23 Voting Member - Member
Varun Devatha vad33 Ex-Officio Member - President, SA
Caroline Devin cjd245 Voting Member - Member
Alec Faber ajf236 Voting Member - Member
Gina Giambattista ggc9 Assembly Manager - Director, Office of the Assemblies
Shraddha Harshvardhan sh849 Voting Member - Student Assembly Representative
Natalia Hernandez ndh22 Voting Member - Student Assembly Representative (inactive as of 12/05/2018)
Nicole Iori ni68 Voting Member - Member
Savanna Lim sl2646 Ex-Officio Member - Ex-Officio Member
Ellie Month em669 Voting Member - Member
Ian Moritz icm35 Voting Member - Member
Umran Mustafa um46 Voting Member - Member
Grace Park ghp42 Voting Member - Student Assembly Representative
Kyle Persaud klp99 Voting Member - Member
Jaewon Sim js2689 Assembly Manager - Vice President for Internal Operations, SA
Michael Stefanko mjs626 Voting Member - Member
Michael Stefanko mjs626 Chair - Chair
Kiprotich Too kct29 Voting Member - Member
Ian Wallace iaw26 Chair - Chair (inactive as of 01/01/2019)
Jonathan Zheng jz777 Voting Member - Member
Yuru Zhou yz2288 Voting Member - Member

Committee Meetings

Date Location Details
09/12/2018 5:00pm G19 view
09/30/2018 11:00am PSB 401 view
02/10/2019 3:00pm Goldwin Smith 181 view