University Assembly Campus Infrastructure Committee

Eligible ConstituenciesFaculty, Graduate/Professional Student, Staff, Student, Undergraduate Student
Accepting Applications?Yes
Committee List
Committee Description

Reviews and approves proposed motions related to: environmental impact and sustainability; information technology; transportation and commuter policies; and, any other topic deemed relevant to campus infrastructure by the University Assembly Executive Board.

Committee Members

First Name Last Namesort descending NetID Membership Type - Role
Marie Anne de Roos mld52 Voting Member - University Assembly Representative
Kevin Fitch kjf4 Voting Member - University Assembly Representative
Gina Giambattista ggc9 Office of the Assemblies - Director, Office of the Assemblies
Pamela Hampton ph55 Office of the Assemblies - Coordinator, Office of the Assemblies
Daniela Harris ds422 Voting Member - Employee Assembly Representative
Martin Hatch mfh2 Voting Member - University Assembly Representative
Robert Howarth rwh2 Voting Member - Faculty Representative
Robert Howarth rwh2 Ex-Officio Member - Ranking Member, UA
Neeraj Jaisinghani nj263 Chair - Chair and University Assembly Representative (inactive as of 01/09/2018)
Gabriel Kaufman gdk36 Ex-Officio Member - Chair, UA
Jeramy Kruser jak474 Ex-Officio Member - Vice Chair for Internal Operations, UA
Jeramy Kruser jak474 Assembly Manager - Vice Chair for Operations, UA
Elena Michel ejm339 Ex-Officio Member - Executive Vice Chair, UA
Jesse Pollard jtp96 Voting Member - Undergraduate Student Representative (inactive as of 12/31/2017)
Christopher Schott cas543 Chair - Chair
Ian Wallace iaw26 Voting Member - Student Assembly Representative
Max Zhang kz33 Voting Member - Faculty Representative

Committee Meetings

Date Location Details
09/26/2017 5:30pm B12 Day Hall view
11/07/2017 5:00pm B12 Day Hall view