University Assembly Campus Welfare Committee

Eligible ConstituenciesFaculty, Graduate/Professional Student, Staff, Student, Undergraduate Student
Accepting Applications? Yes
Committee List
Committee Description

The Committee reviews any proposed motions and university policies related to diversity and inclusion; family support; health services; and, any other topic deemed relevant to campus welfare by the University Assembly’s Executive Board.

Committee Members

Status: Active
First Name Last Namesort descending NetID Membership Type - Role
Christopher Alabi caa238 Voting Member - Faculty Representative
Gina Giambattista ggc9 Office of the Assemblies - Director, Office of the Assemblies
David Hiner drh222 Chair - Chair
Robert Howarth rwh2 Ex-Officio Member - Chair, UA
Jeff Pea jtp239 Assembly Manager - Vice Chair for Operations, UA
Pilar Thompson pav37 Ex-Officio Member - Executive Vice Chair, UA
Kirubeal Wondimu ktw36 Voting Member - Student Assembly Representative
Status: Inactive
First Name Last Namesort descending NetID Membership Type - Role
Masa Haddad mh2432 Ex-Officio Member - Ranking Member, UA (inactive as of 01/28/2020)

Committee Meetings