Employee Assembly Fall 2017 Election - New Member Profiles

Arla Hourigan - College of Veterinary Medicine Representative

After having earned my degree in Higher Education Counseling in 2001 and raising a toddler to school age, I decided to job search at Cornell. I was drawn to apply to positions at Cornell because of the diversity on campus. I have now worked at Cornell since November 2006, primarily offering student support services to both undergrads and now graduate students. Through my work at the University, I have been able to network with many offices on and off campus. I would like to give back to Cornell University as it has offered me so many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. I enjoy connecting student, staff and faculty to the various opportunities Cornell University has to offer. I would truly enjoy relaying information from University leaders to my colleagues as well as representing the College of Veterinary staff interests and concerns to a higher level of administration. With my educational, professional, and personal experiences, I will be committed to helping staff members' voices be heard

Adam Howell - College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Representative

I have enjoyed working as the communications specialist for the Cornell Local Roads Program since May of this year and I am excited to have the opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I am a native of Illinois who moved to the Ithaca region in early 2016. When I'm not at work, I love spending time with my wife Donna and our baby boy Harrison. I am an avid hiker, camper, and nature lover so I enjoy spending a lot of time exploring the trails and natural areas of upstate New York with my dog Daisy in tow. I believe that representing my peers and colleagues in the Employee Assembly represents a great opportunity to have a positive impact on our university community. I believe advocacy is important but I also understand the importance of listening and keeping an open mind. I promise to be attentive, available and to always try to bring a positive resolution to any concern. Thank you again for taking the time to learn a little about who I am and why I am representing you. Please feel free to contact me anytime at ah959@cornell.edu 

Hei Hei Depew - Less than Five Years of Service Representative At-Large

As a Finance Professional working at Cornell for 2.5 years, and externally for 8, I'm interested in contributing to organized employee matters and believe I can provide a new outlook on the University. I've spent 2 years at Engaged Cornell, working with faculty/staff members across campus. Currently, at the CHE I am motivated by the Colleges mission to explore complex relationships through connected efforts across campus. I am an analytical and solution driven person, but I am also an eternal optimist who enjoys working with others and gaining new insight. I am a member of the 2016 Staff Survey working group to explore the Staff connection to the mission and direction of the University. This experience has helped me work with others across the campus on an issue that impacts the entire university and has encouraged me to get more involved, and collaborate with others on additional matters involving the University as a whole. I am also a member of the Employee Assembly Transportation Task Force. In closing, I think I can bring a new energy to the EA, and have participated in organized employee related work in the past.

Daniela Harris - Disability Representative At-Large

As a new employee at Cornell, I am looking for ways to become more involved in the university’s governance and policy making process. My passion for employee rights and professional background in employment law make me a strong representative for the Employee Assembly. As an attorney, immigrant, and millennial, I believe I would bring a creative, informed, and diverse perspective to the Employee Assembly. I am specifically excited about serving as the Disability Representative. In light of my interests and experience, I believe I am qualified to represent the interests of Cornell employees with disabilities. After graduating from law school I was awarded a public interest fellowship with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. In that role, I litigated numerous cases on behalf of individuals who were discriminated against by their employers. After that, I worked for a disability rights advocacy firm, where I counseled and represented individuals who had been denied SSDI and SSI benefits. Once on the Employee Assembly, I’d be happy to join any committee that needed more members, but am particularly interested in contributing to the Employee Welfare Committee, Personnel Policy Committee, and University Benefits Committee. 

Andrea Haenlin-Mott  - Infrastructure, Properties & Planning Representative

I am currently the ADA Coordinator for Infrastructure, Properties and Planning.  In that role, I work with many organizations and units across campus to assure that the University is not only in compliance with regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it relates to our students, faculty, staff and visitors to the University, but that we are welcoming to people with disabilities in an inclusive way.  This collaboration with many partners on campus is something that would lend itself well to represent IPP on the Employee Assembly.  I have worked for the University for 22 years in a few different roles and look forward to the opportunity to work with the Employee Assembly in representing the perspectives of IPP employees on our campus. I am proud to be one of the hundreds of staff members who work for IPP and understand the impact of policies, practices and procedures at Cornell and how they intersect with the work/life balance in our daily lives. I have an open door policy and will strive to work with all partners and IPP staff to represent all perspectives.  I firmly believe that Cornell is a wonderful place to work and our main assets are in our people. 

Craig Wiggers - Veteran's Representative At-Large

Craig Wiggers has been a member of Cornell University since 2012 where he served his final assignment with the United States Marine Corps teaching ROTC.  After retiring from the Marines in 2015, he briefly worked as a Zone Facilities Manager with Student and Campus Life before beginning his current position as the Director of Administration for the Department of Physics in the spring of 2016.  Craig and his wife Betsy live in Ithaca and his son, Patrick is a 2ndLt in the Air Force and daughter, Marie is a sophomore in Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration.