Faculty Nominations and Elections Committee Candidate Profiles - Spring 2019

(N&E) - 1 seat; 3-year term

David Zax (dbz1), Chemistry & Chemical Biology


David Zax is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences.  He arrived at Cornell in 1990; his interests are in the applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to problems in materials science; his most recent work is in understanding how sea shells achieve their toughness based on admixtures of cheap inorganic materials (calcium carbonate, the chalky white deposit that coats the bottom of your hot water heaters or kettles) with common organic macromolecules.  He is also the director the MS program in Chemistry & Chemical Biology, as well as the father of a recent Cornell graduate. 

Candidate Statement:

Why run for The Committee on Nominations and Elections?  Apparently, because the very same committee was willing to nominate me for such a role.  What good might come of it?  As a faculty senator now for several years, it becomes ever more clear that the ability of the faculty to provide oversight to the running of the university, to influence policies which appear misguided, or applaud policies which appear well-thought through, is critically dependent on the willingness of talented and concerned faculty of insight and influence to devote their time to the various faculty committees—whether elected, or selected.  The Committee needs voices willing to work to convince our colleagues that the effort is time well-spent.  I hope to be able to convince more of our many talented and concerned faculty of insight and influence to devote their skills to the betterment of our university.