The Assemblies provide an effective channel for faculty members to meaningfully engage with members of the campus constituencies, particularly through representation on the University Assembly and its committees.

The Faculty Senate is the governing body of the University Faculty. Constituency members are elected by the various schools and the academic departments within the colleges in Ithaca and Geneva, and nine members are elected at-large by the University Faculty. The president, dean of the faculty, associate dean and secretary of the faculty, and the two faculty trustees are voting members. Meetings are held on Wednesday evenings. There are five faculty representatives on the University Assembly, in addition to faculty representatives on all University Assembly committees. Through the Assemblies, faculty join students and staff on university committees taking up issues that affect the entire campus; such as the University Benefits Committee and the Educational Policy Committee.The Office of Assemblies does not provide administrative support to the Faculty Senate, though it does provide support for its elections. All other support is provided by the Office of the Dean of Faculty.