1/21/2021 Employee Education Benefits Panel Discussion | Questions

1/21/2021 Employee Education Benefits Panel Discussion


  1. I have my doctorate degree, but would like to study HR.  Given that I have a terminal degree in my discipline, may I persue another bachelors from Cornell?

  2. Is there a plan to have a 2021 IT Emerging Leaders Program (ITELP)? Will it be remote? There wasn’t one in 2020.

  3. WIll this presentation speak to education benefits for staff's children?

  4. Do these courses cost anything or are they free to us?

  5. Do employees receive a discount on eCornell certificate programs?

  6. Is there any pharmacy technician certification course at Cornell?

  7. How strict is the eligibility regarding length of employee? For example, I began work at Cornell on September 15, and classes for 2021 begin just a few days before my one year anniversary.

  8. EDP program is or is not eligible for Extension Employees?

  9. Does the EDP apply to CCE staff as well?

  10. Re: EDP, Who determines if your interested area of study is career related or Cornell-career related? How directly related does it need to be?

  11. Can you provide the link to the degree programs that are offered?

  12.  is the supervisor development program launched? Is it available to employees in NYC (virtual) or just in person?

  13. @Michelle La Fave Could you please share the direct link to the graduate programs offered? You listed the programs, and newly added programs when you were presenting. Thank you.

  14. Do some or all of these benefits apply to retired staff or to part-time staff?

  15. If there’s time, can you explain the tuition tax credits for CCTS, we recently were told by the IRS they were not valid.

  16. Are the certification courses provided by eCornell all live sessions (either in-person or online) or are they pre-recorded so you can complete them at your own pace? Thanks!

  17. Is there a way to improve the registration process to classes through the SCE? I understand students get priority (they should), but we can only register on the first day of classes. Many times at that point there is no room, and it is hard to find a new class and get all the approvals at that point.

  18. For my job, I’ve been told I have to obtain the instructors permission, but especially nowadays I’ve been having trouble with professors responding, what is one way to ensure a timely response from an instructor?

  19. Do you accept AmeriCorps Segal AmeriCorps Education award for any expense that may occur, for example for eCornell certificate program? It’s a federally awarded award for AmeriCorps service member.

  20. Is there assistance is understanding the transition form SCE into EDP? What are the requirements?

  21. Can you address auditing classes verses taking them for a grade?

  22. Are these offered for Extension employees?

  23. Is PHD courses also available for EDP?

  24. If Cornell does not offer a program related to our work area, can we receive supports for graduate level coursework at other local or online institutions? e.g. academic counseling and higher education administration

  25. What kind of partnerships, if any, does Cornell share with any local institutions for employee education?

  26. If admitted into a degree program, will credits taken prior through SCE be transferred if they apply to the program and were taken within that department?

  27. If you took an ecornell certificate course but did not finish 1 course on time, do you need to pay again for that missing course?

  28. Are there online softskills classes in MSN office and other types of software?

  29. Is the EDP program limited to those Executive programs that Ms. La Fave mentioned? Or is it open to all/ most master's degree programs?

  30. Are eCornell classes available to Cornell Cooperative Extension staff (in counties) at the $0 | $100 per on-demand | course rate that Paul mentioned?

  31. Could you explain how "time release" for taking courses work?

  32. Paul, could you please share the link for the e-cornell on demand classes?

  33. Can there be advisement offered to SCE individuals? We are out here on a limb by ourselves.

  34. Clarification - the Executive MBA Americas and Executive MBA Metro NY programs are not online programs. See the websites https://www.johnson.cornell.edu/programs/emba/americas/ for more information.

  35. Thnka you to all the speakers for this informative staff forum and for the EA for facilitating these conversations!

  36. Thank you so much!