Fall 2020 Code Revisions - Section 10: Notice to Parties of a Formal Complaint

Upon receipt of a timely[4] Formal Complaint, the Director will notify the Complainant and the Respondent, in writing, of the commencement of an investigation and provide both parties with a copy of the Complaint, the Code, and these Procedures. Such notice will:
  • identify the Complainant and the Respondent;
  • specify the alleged prohibited conduct and its date, time, and location, to the extent known;
  • specify the factual allegations pertaining to the prohibited conduct;
  • specify any sanctions that may be imposed, including the University’s transcript notation policy;
  • identify the investigator appointed by the Director;
  • include information about the parties’ respective rights and obligations under the Code of Conduct and these Procedures;
  • inform the parties of the availability of alternative dispute resolution and restorative justice processes for resolving complaints;
  • inform the parties of their right to seek the assistance of a Counselor/advisor or attorney and a support person for emotional support, all of whom may accompany the respective parties to meetings and proceedings;
  • inform the parties of the range of available resources, including mental health and academic support resources;
  • explain the prohibition against retaliation; and
  • instruct the parties to preserve any potentially relevant evidence, whatever its form.

[4] See Section 5.

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