Fall 2020 Code Revisions - Section 5: Time Limit to File Complaints

To promote timely and effective review, the University strongly encourages persons with knowledge of possible violations of the Code to make Reports or file Formal Complaints as soon as possible, preferably within one year of the alleged prohibited conduct. A delay may affect the Director’s ability to gather relevant and reliable information, contact witnesses, investigate thoroughly and respond meaningfully, and may also affect the imposition of appropriate discipline upon a Respondent who has engaged in prohibited conduct.
While prompt reporting is strongly encouraged, the Director will accept and review any Report or Formal Complaint that is filed under these Procedures as long as the Respondent was a “student” at the time of the subject conduct and remains a “student” as defined by the Code (e.g., has not graduated or permanently left the University).[2] If the Respondent is no longer a student at the time of the Formal Complaint, and the Director is unable to pursue resolution, the Director will assess whether any remedial steps can be taken to address any prohibited conduct or its effects on the Complainant or others. Special circumstances and the University’s continued assertion of jurisdiction may apply where a student leaves the University to avoid a student conduct charge or its disposition.

[2] Complaints against a student organization are addressed so long as the organization remains registered with or recognized by the University or is deemed to be operating, even without approval or recognition.

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