Fall 2020 Code Revisions - Section 2: Definitions

The following definitions apply to the Code.
  1. The term "campus" includes property and space owned, leased, used, or controlled by Cornell; it also includes streets, sidewalks, and pathways adjacent to or in the immediate vicinity of the Cornell campus or property.
  2. The term "University" means Cornell University, as well as any affiliated programs or virtual programs, computing, and spaces including, but not limited to, University programs in remote locations within or outside of New York or the United States.
  3. The term “student” includes:  Undergraduate, graduate, medical, veterinary, and professional students upon their commencement of attendance, defined as the earliest of: the first day of the term for which they were admitted; their first day residing in a university residence hall; the first day of a university-sponsored pre-orientation trip, activity, or academic program for which they are participating; or on the first day of a graduate assistantship for the first semester/term for which they were admitted.  A student’s status ends – with some exceptions noted in related Conduct Procedures – when a student withdraws or is withdrawn from the University, is dismissed (expelled) from the university, or they graduate.
  4. Individuals participating in non-credit bearing programs or who attend class(es) on a non-credit basis, and individuals who attend class(es) at the University on a for-credit basis while still an elementary, middle, or high school student, or foreign equivalent, are not students for the purposes of the Code.

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