Fall 2020 Code Revisions - Section 17: Consolidation of Investigations and Hearings Under These Procedures

At the discretion of the Director, multiple reports or Formal Complaints under these Procedures that are factually related will be joined in one investigation whether they involve single or multiple Complainants or Respondents.
At the discretion of the Panel Chair, in consultation with the investigator, multiple Formal Complaints, whether or not joined in one investigation, and multiple investigations under these Procedures may be joined in one hearing if doing so is likely to result in reliable and more efficient outcomes without causing prejudice to a party or parties or confusion for the fact finders. In determining whether to consolidate, the Panel Chair will provide the parties with an opportunity to explain their preferences for consolidated or severed hearings. In all hearings involving multiple Respondents, the Hearing Panel will consider individually the sanctions and remedies appropriate for each Respondent.

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