Fall 2020 Code Revisions - Section 11: Counselors/Advisors and Support Persons

At all stages under these Procedures, both the Complainant and Respondent will be afforded the assistance of an advisor provided through the Offices of the Complainants’ Code Counselor and Respondents’ Code Counselor to assist and advise. Alternatively, each party has the right to select and consult with an advisor and/or legal counsel of their own choosing. Both the Complainant and Respondent also have the right to a support person of their choice.
Counselors/advisors and support persons may be any person, including an attorney, who is not a party or witness or otherwise involved in the case. A Counselor/advisor and a support person may accompany the party to all meetings, such as investigative interviews, and proceedings, but it is generally expected that the parties will speak on their own behalf, and that Counselors/advisors and support persons will not interfere with meetings or proceedings. Throughout the proceedings, Counselors/advisors and support persons may also help the party prepare written submissions. During hearings, Counselors/advisors and support persons may confer with the party, and submit written requests and objections to the Hearing Chair on the party’s behalf, at the time and in the manner prescribed by the Chair. Counselors/advisors may not normally participate in a hearing in the role of counsel, but for suspension or dismissal to be imposed, Counselors/advisors must have had a reasonable opportunity to participate fully in the hearings, including engaging in direct questioning of the parties if they choose to testify.
By accepting the role of Counselor/advisor or support person, such persons agree to comply with the rules and processes set forth in these Procedures, including rules regarding both process and party privacy requirements. In unusual cases where either the Director or a Panel Chair determines that a Counselor/advisor or support person has a serious conflict of interest, or their conduct undermines the integrity of these Procedures or is abusive towards other participants in these proceedings, the Counselor/advisor or support person will be prohibited from continuing to serve in that case. The affected party will be permitted a reasonable amount of time to obtain a substitute Counselor/advisor or support person and acquaint that person with the case.

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