OSA Code Procedures Section 3: Designation as Complainant and Respondent

These procedures distinguish between Reports and Formal Complaints. A Report of alleged prohibited conduct is often the first contact with the OSCCS. A Formal Complaint is filed with the Director in writing, and is required for certain processes (commencing with required notifications and investigation) to be initiated under these procedures. Any person providing an initial Report or filing a Formal Complaint under these procedures will be designated the “Complainant.” A person providing an initial Report or filing a Formal Complaint of interpersonal misconduct committed against that individual, such as assault and endangerment, harassment and hazing, is an “Individual Complainant.” These procedures afford certain additional rights to Individual Complainants.
University units are expected to designate a specific individual or individuals to serve in the role of institutional Complainant for cases brought under the Code, and to represent institutional concerns regarding potential misconduct. Further, such institutional representatives (for example, from Residence Life or Fraternity and Sorority Life), may provide additional support to Individual Complainants in cases where violations of the Code have potentially affected both individual(s) as well as University concerns.
A student or University-registered organization against whom a Report or Complaint has been made will be designated the “Respondent.” 
Both the Complainant and the Respondent are referred to as “party” or “parties” throughout these procedures. 

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