OSA Code Procedures Section 1: Introduction

These procedures apply when a student is alleged to have violated the Cornell Student Code of Conduct (“Code”). Although these procedures incorporate certain principles associated with the legal system (such as fair process protections), the Code is at its foundation a set of behavioral standards embracing teaching and learning opportunities, whenever possible, to foster personal development and accountability. Cornell’s goal is to provide a safe environment for all members of the University community, to teach and educate students regarding appropriate conduct, and to address misconduct when it occurs.
These procedures establish a process for University administrative review, and do not seek to replicate substantive or procedural legal rules. Neither the Rules of Civil Procedure nor Rules of Evidence apply to these procedures, though principles of fairness and predictability inherent in such rules inform and provide guidance. These procedures are to be implemented in conjunction with the Code, where key definitions and authority (including jurisdiction) are described. The administrative bodies that manage and perform under these procedures are described in Section 2. 

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