Spring 2020 Code Revisions - Section 3: Investigation

If the OSCCS finds, after its initial inquiry, that a more comprehensive investigation of the allegations may be appropriate, the OSCCS may begin its investigation of the Formal Complaint. The OSCCS must notify the respondent according to the provisions of Section 2.4 of these Procedures prior to beginning its investigation.
The OSCCS will gather information relevant to the alleged violation of this Code, including, but not limited to, interviewing witnesses, reviewing relevant documents, photographs, and other information, and offering the respondent an opportunity to meet with the OSCCS. If the respondent meets with the OSCCS, the respondent will have an opportunity to present information to the OSCCS. A respondent may present information about their personal circumstances and/or wellbeing if the respondent believes that such information is relevant to a determination of responsibility. If the respondent presents such information to the OSCCS investigator, the investigator should consider the respondent’s information when making a
determination of how to best resolve the Formal Complaint under section 4 of these Procedures. The investigation should balance the interests of all parties involved, efficiency, and thoroughness.
If the respondent meets with the OSCCS, the OSCCS shall again advise the respondent of access to the Office of the Judicial Codes Counselor, and shall refer the respondent to the Student Code of Conduct and Procedures and available supplementary information so that the respondent can learn of:
  • The procedures of the Code and the possible resolution methods available;
  • The respondent’s right to be accompanied by counsel or an advisor of the respondent’s choice; and
  • Other rights and options that may be available to the respondent.

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