Resolution: EA R3: Cornell Investment and Divestment Strategies for a Sustainable Future

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Please Note: This resolution was passed by the assembly as EA R3, though referenced as EA R1 below.

Dear President Skorton, 

I would like to formally communicate EA Resolution 1. The resolution was sponsored by BJ Siasoco and Linda Croll Howell.
This resolution takes the other three assemblies’ resolutions in the issue and slightly amends them to address the concerns of divesting for the staff.  One of the main changes made to the resolution is the addition of a clause requesting a yearly report on the feasibility of divestment as well as the progress Cornell has made with reaching carbon neutrality. 
The resolution is attached for your reference.
Best regards, 
Brigitt Schaffner
Special Programs Coordinator
Residential and Event Services  
206 Robert Purcell 
Cornell University 
Ithaca NY, 14853