Resolution: EA R4: Cornell Commitment to Web Accessibility

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Subject: [oa-actions-l] EA Resolution 4: Cornell Commitment to Web Accessibility

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Dear Interim President Rawlings,

I would like to formally convey to you EA Resolution 4: Cornell Commitment to Web Accessibility. The resolution was sponsored by Jeramy Kruser, research and technology transfer representative.

The resolution calls for the University to adopt a web content accessibility policy to be applied to all new websites, and to legacy websites upon major update. The resolution asks multiple divisions to develop and implement a series of actions that will further the university’s commitment to inclusion, and bring us closer to becoming a welcoming campus for individuals with disabilities.

The resolution was passed on December 21, 2016 by a vote of 15-0-0.

Take care,

Ulysses J. Smith
Chair, LGBTQ+ Representative, Employee Assembly | (607) 255-1426