Resolution: SA R45: Call for an Asian American Studies Major at Cornell

ActionAccepted by the President

Dear Juliana, In response to S.A. Resolution 45, Call for an Asian American Studies Major at Cornell, I can report that while Derek Chang, Director of the Asian American Studies Program, believes it is a good idea, in principle, to add the major, we do not have the appropriate resources to add the number of faculty it would take to make such a major successful. He has had discussions with Associate Dean Ted O’Donoghue and Dean Gretchen Ritter who are discussing several related curriculum proposals within the domain of ethnic studies at this time. In the end, any such an initiative would need to come from faculty in relevant areas with input from students. In the meantime, Professor Chang is willing to explore possibilities for expanded offerings in Asian American Studies within the context of the current resources. You may want to contact Professor Chang to understand better what he has in mind. Sincerely, Mike Kotlikoff Acting President and Provost

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