Resolution: SA R1: Starbucks Off Our Campus

ActionAcknowledged by the President

Thank you for conveying to me Student Assembly Resolution #1 (“Starbucks Off Our Campus”) and Resolution #2 (“Transparency in Cornell’s Relationship with Starbucks”).

I greatly appreciate the SA’s concerns and perspective regarding Cornell’s relationship with Starbucks Coffee Company. Cornell supports fair labor practices in compliance with federal and New York State law, and our School of Industrial and Labor Relations is the preeminent educational institution in the world focused on improving the lives of workers.

Regarding Resolution #1, our current agreement with Starbucks ends in 2025. We commit to starting a review of the contract and consideration of future vendors by Fall 2024, almost a year prior to the contract’s expiration, and conducting due diligence before determining the next contract. Cornell Dining management will engage regularly with the Student Assembly Dining Committee throughout that review. 

Regarding Resolution #2, we have a confidentiality clause in our contract with Starbucks, so we are not able to disclose the contract terms.


Martha E. Pollack

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