Resolution: SA R53: Expanding Bike Share on Campus

ActionAcknowledged by the President

Dear Varun,

Thank you for conveying to me Resolution 53: Expanding Bike Share on Campus, and for your interest in supporting an active transportation culture on the Cornell campus. 

Bicycle transportation has numerous salutary benefits for the individual and for our community.  I have noted with interest the roll-out of Lime Bikes in the City of Ithaca.  I am also aware that there have been significant community concerns expressed over Lime Bikes at other sites that have introduced them.  Accordingly, I have asked our Transportation Department to monitor the results of the Lime Bike introduction in Ithaca. 

I commend the collaboration between the Transportation Department and the Big Red Bike student group to provide bike education and encouragement programs.  I sincerely appreciate your interest in making our campus community safer and healthier.



Martha E. Pollack

President, Cornell University

300 Day Hall

Ithaca, NY 14853

Tel: 607-255-5201

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