Resolution 4: EA R4: In Recognition and Appreciation of Cornell University Students

TermAY 2020-2021
AssemblyEmployee Assembly
StatusAcknowledged by the President
AbstractThis resolution is a formal recognition of the response of Cornell University students to the COVID-19 pandemic and to thank them for their efforts to protect Cornell’s Ithaca campus community.
Resolution FilePDF icon r4_recognizing_students_response_to_covid_19.pdf
Supporting Documents
TitleEA R4: In Recognition and Appreciation of Cornell University Students
Sponsors Delia Dean Herrin (ddh12), Kristine Mahoney (km285), Susan Barry (st237), Bridgette Brady (bb635), Andrew H. Brooks (ahb35), Joseph J. Cannella (jjc379), Brenda M. Fisher (bmf74), Brandon Fortenberry (bf52), Brian T. Goodell (btg2), Alison J. Grimes (ajg368), Andrea Haenlin-Mott (ah45), Sean Holbert (smh366), Debra Howell (dlh19), Reed G Huegerich (rgh98), Beth Korson (elk78), Rigel Frederick Lochner (rfl67), Jennifer Micale (jjm368), Ruth Merle-Doyle (rem64), Virginia McAuley (vig1), Jenn Michael (jlm497), Michelle Podolec (mls266), Kate Supron (kds95), Jessica E. Townley (jet239), Jessica E. Withers (jeh268), Lucy Pola (lbp8)
Reviewing CommitteeEmployee Assembly Employee Welfare Committee

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
11/04/2020 Adopted by the Assembly view
11/04/2020 Introduced to the Assembly view
11/12/2020 Conveyed to the President view
12/02/2020 Acknowledged by the President view

Associated Meetings

Meeting Date View Details
Cornell University - Employee Assembly Meeting 11/04/2020 12:15pm to 1:30pm view


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