Resolution 9: GPSA R9: Funding Request for the Big Red Barn

TermAY 2022-2023
AssemblyGraduate and Professional Student Assembly
StatusAcknowledged by the President
AbstractWith such a large amount of funding in the GPSA reserve fund and the 2022-2023 operating budget, giving back to the larger graduate and professional student community would be a great use of some of these funds. With the Big Red Barn serving as the graduate and professional student community center, funding initiatives at the Big Red Barn would provide us with the opportunity for the funding to reach the largest number of graduate and professional students.
Resolution FilePDF icon resolution_9_-_gpsa_funding_request_for_the_big_red_barn.pdf
Supporting Documents
TitleGPSA R9: Funding Request for the Big Red Barn
Sponsors Michelle Ming-Yu Heeney (mmh265), Kate Carter Cram (kkc74), David Axel Browne (db827), Josh Marcus Washington (jmw589), Tristan Baker (tkb45)
Reviewing CommitteeGraduate and Professional Student Assembly Executive Committee

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
04/24/2023 Adopted by the Assembly view
04/25/2023 Conveyed to the President view
04/25/2023 Acknowledged by the President view

Associated Meetings

Meeting Date View Details
Cornell University - Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Meeting 04/24/2023 5:00pm to 6:30pm view


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