Resolution 33: SA R33: Protecting Freedom of Expression: Anti-Doxxing

TermAY 2023-2024
AssemblyStudent Assembly
StatusAdopted by the Assembly
AbstractThe threat of doxxing poses substantial safety concerns infringing upon students’ abilities to freely express themselves, increasing their likelihood to be victims of targeted attacks and harassment. This resolution is intended to prompt the Cornell administration to adopt a more proactive role in safeguarding the privacy of its students and upholding their right to “Freedom of Expression.”
Resolution FilePDF icon resolution_33_protecting_freedom_of_expression.pdf
Supporting Documents
TitleSA R33: Protecting Freedom of Expression: Anti-Doxxing
Sponsors Marwa Bakri (mmb347), Imani Mohamed Renee Rezaka (imr38), Jahmal A Wallen (jaw543), Claire Ting (ct499)
Reviewing CommitteeStudent Assembly Diversity Committee

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
10/26/2023 Adopted by the Assembly view

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