Student Assembly Candidate Profiles-Spring 2022 Election

Contested Seats
Uncontested Seats

Emily D'Angelo
Biomedical Engineering, Dyson Business Minor for Engineers
College of Engineering
College of Engineering Representative
Hello College of Engineering!
My name is Emily D’Angelo, and I'm running to be your Engineering representative in the Student Assembly. One of passions is being a voice of reason for the unheard, and as part of the student assembly, I am working for you all to bring equity and collaboration to both our campus and class.
At Cornell, I am a part of many organizations that enhance my love for service, leadership, and outreach, like BRA, SWE, and mentorship programs like CURB and TSM. From these experiences, I have gained insight about students, their desires, and how better to supplement individuals to maximize their potential.
As part of my campaign, I hope to enhance the mental health services at Cornell, starting small with more transparency from students to fit our needs more appropriately. The creation an initiative to support students' connections in each college through the program CSSC (College Students Seeking Connection) can facilitate positive interactions between peers, and provide additional opportunities and resources for students to take advantage of.
To keep up with my campaign, follow my Instagram, @wreckitemm. Thank you for considering me for this opportunity, and don’t forget to vote D’Angelo!

Pedro Da Silveira
Biomedical Engineering
College of Engineering
College of Engineering Representative
Our jobs as engineers are to fix things and propose solutions.
My name is Pedro Da Silveira and I am a pre-med Biomedical Engineering Major. As a Freshman Representative, I have spent my term working on and introducing various projects such as bringing more printers to North Campus, hosting a Puppy Palooza before Finals week, and pushing for Cafe Food Delivery.
As your C.O.E Representative I will dedicate my term to fixing various issues faced by Engineering Students through the following:
1. I will join the C.O.E Review Board and fight for Pass/Fail Core Classes for First Years and Reform the recent Credit Limit Ruling
2. I will work with the Project Team Program to develop a standard cornell-based polling software to replace the iClicker/Poll Everywhere confusion
3. Free Adobe Products
4. I will coordinate with the Sustainability Office to bring back Bike Share to address lack of transportation options on campus
5. I will push to add more seats based on the Assembly based on school population proportionality to increase ease-of-access to the assembly and getting more voices heard
As Napoleon Dynamite said it best, “VOTE FOR PEDRO!” for College of Engineering Representative. Follow the insta for more: @vote4pedro_rep

George Maidhof
Electrical and Computer Engineering
College of Engineering
College of Engineering Representative
Hello Everyone! My name is George Maidhof, a freshman ECE / Computer Science Major. I want to be your representative for the College of Engineering in the Student Assembly. My past  leadership positions have given me the skills and experience needed to bring forth your agenda.
Cornell University is like my second home. I thoroughly enjoy being involved in my school community. Recently I became part of Nexus and currently, I am the President of Low Rise 6 and 7 Hall Council. Next semester I will be a RA at Jameson Hall. Participating in these roles, I have truly enjoyed meeting, interacting and listening to my fellow peers' needs and concerns. I am proud to be a Cornellian and I hold my community and my peers with the utmost respect. 
My goal as a Student Representative is to be the voice of the public. I hope to increase student involvement, bringing about a more diverse perspective along with various ideas that have yet been pitched! By putting forth my best effort, I aspire to make the campus a happier, healthier place by:
Work with Libraries and Campus Leads to enhance study experiences
Implementing more energy efficient and environmentally friendly transportation

Subahnia Ali
Global and Public Health Sciences
College of Human Ecology
sha 48
First Generation Students Liaison At-Large
My name is Subahnia Ali and I am a First Generation Student Representative At-Large candidate for the 2022-2023 Student Assembly! Currently, I am the First Year Representative for Cornell’s First Generation Student Union and am excited at the prospect of continuing my work through the Student Assembly. Navigating college as a first-generation student is adversity however, navigating an Ivy League institution presents especially unique barriers. I look forward to working closely with the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) to endorse their programming and encourage the Student Assembly to invest in these initiatives. Being a first-generation and low-income student at a PWI can be an isolating experience. Therefore, I strongly value advocacy and community and will work to increase partnerships with the Advocacy Committee and bridge gaps between administrative action and student advocacy.

Xavier Figueroa
Computer Science
College of Engineering
First Generation Students Liaison At-Large
Hi, my name is Xavier Figueroa and I am running for a seat as your First Generation College Students Liaison At-Large. As a first-generation student at an ivy league university, the transition into college life at a primarily white institution was jarring. Accompanied by surmounting schoolwork, the challenges of a new environment are often amplified by an overarching pressure to succeed. As a first generation student, I am setting the stage as the first to attend college in my family, proving that the sacrifices my parents made were not in vain. Ironically, this also means that I can’t always rely on my family to guide me through the challenges I encounter at Cornell. As an underrepresented member of the community, I also had to balance my workload with the task of solidifying my place at Cornell.
Because of my experiences, I believe I am prepared to represent the ideas and needs of the first generation students here at Cornell. If I am voted in, I will make an honest effort to make our voices heard within the school administration and push for programs and events that would benefit us as a whole. I will make sure our voices are heard. 

Duncan Cady
ILR major with Government, Law and Society, and Inequality Studies minors
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
I’m Duncan Cady, and I'll continue serving our incredible Cornell Community. Both as an Undergraduate Rep. to the UA and the Students with Disabilities Rep. to the SA, I’ve sponsored over 15 resolutions and worked with dozens of committees and student groups so your voices are heard.
We’ve passed everything from upgrading our pool facilities and investing in sustainable infrastructure to mental health funding and creating space for SA accountability and public safety.
My Focus
•           Accessibility – continuing to be not just welcoming, but a space where concerns and priorities are acted on. Committing to any person, any study.
•           Honesty – An equitable Assembly staying accountable to the community we serve. Dedicated to openness and your issues rather than partisanship or divisiveness.
My Priorities
•           Mental health –Strengthen free student resources
•           Student organizations – have an open ear to the people that drive our campus life
•           Equity – Showing the strength in diversity of experience, perspective, voice, and identity
Over the past year no student has submitted more resolutions, supported more initiatives, or partnered with more students to better our college experience: Duncan Gets It Done.
@duncancady -

Valeria Valencia
Industrial and Labor Relations
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
 Hi! My name is Valeria Valencia and I currently serve as the First-Generation Students Rep, Chair of the Academic Policy Committee and Vice President of Finance on the SA. I’m running for President to continue advocating for you in the following ways:
Transparency: Create a reporting system for students to submit anonymous feedback about professors. Continue biweekly SA Sun articles.
Health: Address COVID-19 health concerns. Push for a review of the Student Health Insurance Plan. Increase mental health resources and availability.
Accessibility & Sustainability: Ensure administration remains committed to Carbon Neutrality by 2035. Increase dining hall sustainability. Push to renovate old dorms and buildings. Eliminate fees for gym memberships, PE classes, and laundry. Increase the amount of gender neutral restrooms. Work to ensure all buildings are ADA compliant. Expand Swipe Out Hunger. Increase prayer spaces on campus.
Advocacy & Diversity: Increase funds for the Access Fund. Mandatory Diversity Training for Cornell Faculty. Continue working on eliminating mandatory fees such as the summer student contribution. Work to provide free period products across campus.
You can learn more about me and my work at

Amari Lampert
Human Biology, Health and Society
College of Human Ecology
Executive Vice President
My goal as a representative is to increase the Health and Wellness of students on campus. I currently hold the position of Womxn’s Issues Liaison At-Large. In my previous terms on Student Assembly, I have worked with Cornell Health to promote sexual health campaigns, worked on the board of Anabel’s Groceries to decrease food insecurity on campus and worked as the chair of SAIFC to build a rain garden on campus. I hope to continue working to make your college experience better!
My priorities as Executive VP are to:
   Academics: Extending the pass/fail deadline and drop period to alleviate student stress.
   Mental Health: Eliminate financial barriers to accessing mental health professionals on campus.
   Accessibility: Eliminate fees for gym memberships and required physical activities courses.
   Sustainability: Decrease food waste on campus.
   Gender Health: Ensure that menstrual products are paid for by the University as they are currently funded by student groups.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out .
And don’t forget to vote for Amari, you won’t be sorry!

Benjamin Luckow
Operations Research & Information Engineering
College of Engineering
Executive Vice President
We are more than our tuition.
My year as an at-large Rep. on the assembly has shown that Cornell Administration will not listen to our issues--I can't pretend we can pass resolutions to change that, but we know the Student Assembly can catch people's attention with certain issues.
I believe the SA should use its voice positively, but loudly, to remind the Administration that our mental health, financial situation, and student experience come first and that we are more than our tuition.
It's hard to convince students to participate in this assembly, but with your support I think this will be the year we change that.
As Executive Vice President I want (and the SA needs) to make the sitting representatives act as one united body that takes what we as undergrads want, need, and deserve and make sure the adults can hear it. I'm not promising a resolution or free gym memberships; my year on the SA has shown me that we can't do that. But this University does respond quickly to controversy.
If the University will not respond to our needs through our resolutions, let's make them respond with our voice. Please reach me at -- I'd love to hear from you. Let's do the Greatest Good.
Thank you.

Bahaa Kotb
Computer Science & Electrical Computer Engineering
College of Engineering
Minority Students Liaison At-Large
Salam my brothers, my name is Bahaa Kotb and I am a freshman studying to earn my Computer Science and Electrical Computer Engineering Double Major. As I have spent 15 years of my life outside of the United States and am a practicing Muslim, I have experienced first hand struggles that minority students face when trying to adapt and overcome current societal barriers. As your minority student representative I promise to represent your voice with the strength, grace, and the power of the all-mighty pharaohs that ruled my land before me. I will refuse to accept anything that comes from the assembly that does not fully encourage and support the voices of the minorities and the people of this great university. We will make our voices roar loudly like the great Nile river! I will decode the hieroglyphics of the current Assembly so that its work is accessible to all! After all, it was not possible to build the great pyramids that capture the wonder of the whole world without the support, encouragement, and rights of all people!

Luna Lu
Information Science & Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences
Minority Students Liaison At-Large
Hi! My name is Luna Lu and I am running to be elected as the Minority Students Liaison At-Large. As a Freshman Representative this year, I kept my promises to increase the printers on the North campus, in the process of making meal swipes available for use in all dining halls, and helped fund the Chinese Spring Festival Gala through special funding.
As the Minority  Students Liaison At-Large next year, I have 3 goals:
Accountability: I wish to hold accountable for the greater international community. I will establish the committee of international students affairs and actively reach out to student organizations to collect feedback and suggestions from the community.
Internationalism: I wish to promote internationalism at Cornell and to enhance the connection within the international community. To achieve that, I will work with international student organizations to hold International Culture Week annually.
Financial Support: I wish to establish a scholarship for international students who need help financially during their summer internship or research. Given current international travel restrictions, I will work with the Office of Global Learning to provide different help for different needs.

Kelly Chan
Psychology/Linguistics/Cognitive Science
College of Arts and Sciences
LGBTQIA+ Students Liaison At-Large

Hi! My name is Kelly Chan and I'm a sophomore psychology and linguistics double major in CAS. As a bisexual Chinese woman and LGBTQIA+ Liaison At-Large, I hope to increase QPOC visibility on campus Cornell while finding ways to improve the quality of the queer college experience by working with Cornell administration and LGBTQIA+ campus organizations. More importantly, my goal is to increase community engagement across queer students from different schools, races, ethnicities, identities, and ages. I strive to be the voice for the LGBTQIA+ community, and aim to find the root causes to problems unique to the queer community.

Siena Gavin
Biomedical Engineering
College of Engineering
Womxn's Issues Liaison At-Large
I’m a freshman in the college of engineering running for Womxn’s Representative At-Large. With my position I’m hoping to improve late night transport possibly with a Cornell-funded shuttle running after TCAT hours so that we don’t have so many individuals walking home in the dark on their way home from college town or late-night study sessions. I would also like to make it easier for the student body and assembly to communicate through polling methods alternative to the Cornell qualtrics surveys which require you to sign in with student ID or duo push in order to voice your feedback about classes and the Cornell community.

Noon Son
Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering
International Students Liaison At-Large
Hello everyone,
My name is Noon, also known as Stellar, a first-year student in College of Engineering from South Korea. I hope that I can create safe, comfortable, and inclusive spaces for international students. My platform focuses on three main aspects:
1. Include translations in email to provide better communication to international students’ parents,
2. Work individually with college representatives as well as career offices to increase presence of international career advisors and be more aware of obstacles that international students might face,
3. Increase availability of financial aid for international students and make financial resources for international students to be aware of
Knowing that I cannot represent everyone, I hope to represent and be more familiar with the international student community with your support. It would be an honor to serve you as International Students Liaison At-Large as this position is not just mine but all of ours. Feel free to contact me on  We’re all in this together!

Michelle Song
Industrial Labor Relations
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Undesignated Representative At-Large
Diversity permeated every aspect of my hometown life in San Francisco. Dialogue was critical to connecting with my community — a key that allowed me to viscerally engage as a member, not an observer. I didn’t just hear, I listened. I didn’t just speak, I acted.
I’m honored to be seeking re-election to the Student Assembly; At Cornell, I’ll ensure that every student has a right to an equitable education by continuing to:
• Collaborate with student collectives to support resolutions promoting student welfare: including a higher minimum wage, free mxnstural products & TCAT, and lower fees;
• Advocate for campus accessibility through infrastructure investment and flexible academic policy;
• Plan a safe, FULL, return to a post COVID-19 learning environment;
• Listen to YOUR input through stakeholder office hours;
As the daughter of immigrants, my education at the ILR School only serves to inspire me to act in support of the people everyday. And as a queer woman of color, I strive to ensure that all voices are heard. I unequivocally value the exploration of thought to improve our world: reimagined to accept diversity.
IG: @michellezsong for campaign updates | Email:

J.P. Swenson
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Undesignated Representative At-Large
Hello everyone, my name is J.P. Swenson and I am running for Undesignated Student Representative at large because I want to form a better and genuine connection between the student body and the administration at Cornell. When I walk around campus, one issue that is evident among most students is that they feel there is a barrier between them and the administration. I hope to decrease this tension and hopefully increase the cohesion. 
When I was working at Bear Necessities this past semester, I was able to engage with a diverse group of students in the freshman community everyday. They would voice their concerns about the school, but never had the opportunity to implement change. I believe that I can be the voice of the students. I hope to increase student's voices in the decision making process by sending out forms so people can voice their opinions. While in high school, I served as Vice President for 4 years, where I learned how to create stronger bonds between the students and the administration, as well as advocating and fighter for students views and opinions.

Jacob Berman
College of Arts and Sciences
Students with Disabilities Representative At-Large
Support for disabled students is lacking on our campus. I myself have experienced this complete absence of help, even when I was struggling. The time for talk is over, and students need a safety net that works for everyone. Mental health services, accommodations, and programs designed for students with disabilities need to be overhauled so that all students are on a level playing field. I know from experience how Cornell treats it’s disabled students and enough is enough. We need equitable solutions now!

Jesus Mayen-Palomo
College of Architecture, Art and Planning
College of Architecture, Art and Planning Representative
Hi there! My name is Jesus Mayen and I plan on becoming your next AAP Representative for the Student Assembly! As an architecture major, I am constantly surrounded with peers always working past midnight in the collaborative home we all call studio and in general not prioritizing their well-being by feeling academically overwhelmed. My goal as representative of Cornell AAP is to provide a voice for my peers and take action towards allowing the student experience to be healthier and more enjoyable for the sole purpose of learning. My hope is to implement more transparency with the administration in important decision-making for students and enhancing student academic and mental health services by collaborating with AAP’s Office of Student Services in ensuring concerns are being heard.

Dylan Edelman
Biological Studies
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Representative
Hello, my name is Dylan Edelman and I am a biological science major at the college of Agriculture and Life Sciences. I am running for CALS Representative and I hope I can get your vote. I am excited and eager to take on this roll. I am a diligent and hardworking person who loves to learn, I am collaborative and embrace working with others, and I am caring and want to help my community as much as I can. I am confident I can do a great job representing a group of brilliant, hardworking group of people. Thank you!

Jiho Lee
Agriculture Science
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Representative
Jiho is running for the 2023 CALS representative. From Alabama, Jiho is a current Junior Agriculture Sciences student transferring in from the University of Alabama during his sophomore year. He has a diverse repertoire of perspectives and skills in botany and related sciences. He works towards creating inclusive conditions and forming meaningful connections with fellow students. His leadership style can be described as empathic and transactional, built from prior experience in human services. He is an active member of Oasis and has worked at Cornell Dining for 1.5 years, contributing to his background in building safe and inclusive environments. Jiho is also an active part of the CALS community by raising awareness for students in food injustice and sustainability through Cornell-hosted events/festivals. He is currently working as an executive member on the national board for IAAS along with establishing the UFWH Cornell chapter. His work in both these organizations has broadened his perspective of students facing hunger-related and sustainability issues. His organizational involvement and being an ROTC cadet developed his leadership skills. Through his work, Jiho deeply values building connections in the CALS community.

Andrew Juan
Health Care Policy
College of Human Ecology
Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly
With the Right Juan, we can SHAPE the Future of Cornell!
Hi! My name is Andrew Juan, and I’m a healthcare policy major in the College of Human Ecology/Brooks School of Public Policy! The University Assembly (UA) is an important space for students to collaborate with faculty, staff, and graduate students in order to address university-wide issues, and I hope to serve as your undergraduate representative to the UA, so we can SHAPE the future of Cornell!
S: Safety — Make many locations on campus safer by increasing lighting and reducing speeding on Feeney Way and many other major roads.
H: Health — By creating wellness spaces and expanding knowledge about Cornell Health, we can improve student mental and physical health.
A: Awareness — Speed up Cornell ALERT responses and spread awareness about issues on campus without contributing to misinformation.
P: Peer Communication — Help more people understand the purpose of the UA and other assemblies through peer-to-peer communications
E: Efficiency — Ensure that bureaucracy does not get in the way of improving the student experience and the work of the assemblies.
Want to learn more? Visit!

Julia Sun
Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering
Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly
Hey everyone! My name is Julia Sun and I am a freshman Chemical Engineering Major. I am running for Student Assembly to implement actionable steps, amplify the students' voices, and advocate for more opportunities.
Encourage innovation: break down barriers to entry in project team facilities such as machine shop and labs in Upson, Wet lab in Weill Hall…etc. This way all engineers can test their innovative/startups ideas. I will also advocate for an easier process to establish project teams and extra funding for extracurricular explorations.  
Instill entrepreneurship spirit: expose engineers to startups so that we can gain hands-on experience during the semester. I will collaborate with the Entrepreneurship community to host a showcase for startups to emphasize different career paths.
Increase credit limit: There are many concerns about the recent credit limit change. I will advocate for more flexibility. Because certain majors require a threshold of mandatory credits, engineers should be approved of over 20 credits if they pursue two of the following in addition to coursework: research/project team/TA. Cornell engineers should have the freedom to navigate their own path, aided instead of being restricted by the school. 

George Dong
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences Representative
Hi everyone! My name is George Dong, and I am running to be SA representative for the College of Arts and Sciences. Let’s face it - being a student at Cornell can be challenging with rigorous coursework and numerous social and emotional stressors. As your representative, my goal is to deliver tangible results that will make your lives easier socially and academically while fostering an inclusive community.
   1. Prepaid laundry service for students living on and off-campus who need it.
   2. Free or subsidized bus passes, especially for students living further from campus.
   3. Convert unused meals into BRBs.
   1. Host more social events to reduce stress, such as bringing therapy dogs, group massages, etc.
   2. Open more spaces on campus where students can be active or hang out.
   1. Increase funding for scholarships for summer classes.
   2. Increase major and minor selections in Arts and Sciences.
   3. Facilitate more meaningful relationships between faculties and advising deans with students.
Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at!
Jack Kalinski
Mathematics, Physics
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences Representative
My name is Jack Kalinski, a sophomore majoring in Mathematics and Physics with a minor in Law. As a student who's experienced both the arts and science aspects of A&S, I, like many other students, have grown increasingly aware of the inadequate performance in supporting students academically and mentally, both within the College of Arts and Science and Cornell University at large. As your Arts & Sciences Representative, I promise to advocate and fight for:
1. Transparency: Course Median Republishing, Weekly A&S Public Forums, Increased Major-Specific Alumni Relations
2. Inclusion: Facility Modification to Support Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students, DEI Training for Cornell Faculty and Organizations, Increased SDS Accommodations
3. Accessibility: Stronger Upkeep of Residence Halls, Increased Scholarship Opportunities and Communications, Proactive Support for Student Mental Health
You can learn more about my platform at [TBA] and contact me through Instagram at [TBA] or email at [TBA].

Sanvi Bhardwaj
Health Care Policy
College of Human Ecology
College of Human Ecology Representative
Hi! My name is Sanvi (she/her) and I’m a sophomore in Human Ecology studying Health Care Policy. I’m very excited to be running as the College of Human Ecology Representative! A key focus of this position is the creation of inclusive spaces that uplift marginalized voices, particularly along the lines of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability. As College of Human Ecology Representative, I will put intersectionality at the forefront and ensure any resolutions the Student Assembly passes will be beneficial for all students. As your representative, the main goals of my platform are:
   1. Increasing prevention of sexual and related misconduct by scaling up campus resources
   2. Creating a stronger support network for survivors through the expansion of mental health care
   3. Ensuring continued funding for free menstrual products in all bathrooms across campus
If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk, please feel free to reach out at!

David Nachman
Industrial Labor Relations
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
School of Industrial and Labor Relations Representative
Hello, my name is David Nachman, and I am running for School of Industrial and Labor Relations Representative. I am a freshman in the ILR school. Earlier this year I was elected a seat on the Apropriations Commitee as the only freshman, where we worked to determine allocations for the student activity fee. During my work on the committee, I discovered numerous issues with the SAF, particularly large amounts of money being misspent, or sitting in accounts not being spent at all. Not to mention the fact that all the details behind the SAF are strictly confidential, something deeply unethical considering the fund is directly made up of every undergraduates tuition. If I was elected, I plan to take action regarding making all SAF funded organization finances public, using large amounts of organization surplus to fund meaningful change on campus, like reduced cost gym memberships, and to reduce irresponsible spending and therefore the SAF.