The following candidates are running in uncontested elections, and will not appear on the ballot:

President, Class of 2020

Jesus Ruiz

My name is Jesus Ruiz. I am a Mexican immigrant, first-generation student, on financial aid here at Cornell, I currently serve as the Class President, but most importantly I am a member of the Class of 2020. When I was first elected as our Class President, I promised class to bring the Class of 2020 together and build unity and pride. As my first term comes to a close, I realize that I wish to continue serving as your representative as we enter our final year at Cornell. If it had not been for the opportunities Cornell has given me, I would never have met so many people or had so many life-changing experiences. I want to give back to the community that has given me so much to me and ensure that Cornell evolves alongside us. I want to ensure that when we leave Cornell, we are ready to face the difficulties of the real world and filled with joyful memories from our final days at this amazing institution. I plan to increase the total number of Cornell Class Councils programs, as well as to increase the number of programs specifically for the Class of 2020. My hope is to meet different needs and issues on our campus: such as mental health, diversity and inclusion, and career readiness. I plan to collaborate with many different organizations that share 2020’s values to create stronger bonds among the class. Finally, as we begin planning our graduation, I want to bring about and encourage all of the voice, including those of groups that have historically been underrepresented in the U.S. and at Cornell. I want our class to represent an example of hope and a model of where our university and the country is going. I want to encourage everyone to use their voice and be heard, for the person with the loudest microphone should not be the only one heard. It is our final time to give back to Cornell as students, and it is my final time to give back to all of you, for you have helped me grow into a better person. It is our last time to be united at Cornell as students, so I hope that you will trust me to lead in the creation of those memorable final moments.


President, Class of 2021

Paulina Kenny

My name is Paulina Kenny, and I am studying Policy Analysis and Management in the College of Human Ecology. I am running for Class President because I want to increase class pride and unite campus through activities. The past two years, I have been a member of Class Councils where I have developed my organization and leadership skills as well as learned to collaborate and communicate effectively. My hope is to get more people involved in activities on campus and create events that unite the Cornell Community.


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Representative

Jacob Feit

Major: Environmental Sustainability Sciences (Environmental Policy/Governance Concentration)

College/School: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Net ID: jjf228

Candidate Statement: Jacob Feit’s passion for public service began through his work as a New York State Assembly Intern and expanded as the Assistant Political Scheduler, Briefing Coordinator, Speechwriter, and Special Assistant to NYS Assemblyman/DNC Vice Chair Blake. Through these life-changing experiences, he has understood how to put constituents first and push for progress in government. As an ESS Major seeking a concentration in Policy and Governance, his voice in the Student Assembly will be used to increase the T-CAT system’s efficiency in terms of energy and travel patterns for students. Further, Jacob will push for an increase in community-based sustainability initiatives and seek to enhance the collaborative work amongst CALS students through revamping common workspaces. If elected, Jacob Feit will incorporate the myriad of diverse voices of Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences into his agenda: promoting growth rooted in CALS.


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Representative

Lucas Smith

Major: Agricultural Sciences

College/School: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Net ID: ls678

Candidate Statement: Representing CALS is an incredible opportunity to serve as the voice for a diverse segment of the student body spanning more than 20 Majors and 30 minors. The key to being a successful representative begins with communication and connection. Both of these attributes are something I can bring to the table if elected your CALS representative to the Student Assembly.
As an Agricultural Sciences Major, I have become familiar with classes ranging from Plant Science to Animal Science to Communication. This has allowed me to interact with students from countless backgrounds and interests. I pride myself in having an expansive network of connections within CALS and beyond which has allowed me to hear the concerns that stand most prominent with the student body.

One of the concerns I hope to bring to the attention of administrators is the integration of the different websites available for accessing course and enrollment information and the development of intuitive app interfaces.

Additionally, the environmental sustainability measures currently taken by the University need reassessment to ensure Cornell stays both beautiful and functional for years to come.
If elected I will work diligently to continue CALS reputation of excellence.


College of Arts and Sciences Representative

Gavin Martin

Major: Government

College/School: College of Arts and Sciences

Net ID: gcm58

Candidate Statement: Hello! My name is Gavin Martin and I am running for A&S Representative. I am currently a sophomore Government Major in the College of Arts & Science. I want to make positive targeted change on campus that not only improves our own College, but the University as a whole.

By crafting resolutions that acknowledge the indigenous land we are on, critiquing equity while promoting diversity, and advocating for Cornell’s divestment from fossil fuels—we can create a community that better reflects the values held by students.


College of Arts and Sciences Representative

Julian Kroll

Major: Government and Economics

College/School: College of Arts and Sciences

Net ID: jmk459

Candidate Statement: My name is Julian Kroll and I’d like to be one of the 2019-2020 Arts and Sciences Representatives. Having spent nearly three years in A&S studying Government and Economics with a minor in Biology, I have a lot of experience with the college’s faculty and students. Though I’ve had a very positive overall experience in A&S, I think that there are some areas where we could do better. For example, I’d like to see what improvements could be made to the Career Services office. As graduation approaches and job searches become more focused, the lack of easily accessible alumni networking and resume/cover letter workshopping can become problematic. I’m interested to see what changes could be made to assist A&S students through
their job and internship searches. I’m also interested in looking into initiatives aimed at minimizing Cornell’s environmental impact and improving student work-life balance. Outside of my experience with the College of Arts and Sciences, I stay engaged with happenings across campus through involvement in the Undergraduate Law and Society Review, the Cornell Daily Sun, and a social fraternity. Additionally, I currently serve on the Student Assembly as the Parliamentarian and Chief of Staff to the President.



College of Engineering Representative

Osai Egharevba

Major: Computer Science

College/School: College of Engineering

Net ID: oe34

Candidate Statement:

Hello everyone, my name is Osai Egharevba and I am a sophomore Computer Science Major. I currently serve on the academic policy and dining committees. My platform consists of three parts: increased academic transparency, better dining options during finals and improving Cornell Health. For academic transparency, I would like to make course evaluations and median grades public so that students have a sense about the quality of a particular course. For dining options during finals, having Okenshields open until 11pm or so will allow students to receive access to hot food with a meal swipe. Finally, for Cornell Health, advocacy for more mental health professionals and adding Sunday hours can help students to get the support they need on their own schedule. Thank you very much.


College of Engineering Representative

Jakob Youngblood

Major: Civil Engineering

College/School: College of Engineering

Net ID: jy667

Candidate Statement: Hello! I'm Jakob and I would like to be your representative to the SA from the College of Engineering. As a junior in Civil Engineering, I know that we engineers are not the most engaged with the rest of the campus, but I would like to help to change that. Firstly, as any representative should, I would want to listen to concerns that specifically engineers have, such as highly selective project teams or poorly scheduled exams, and work to address them. Secondly, as engineers we have a large role to play in building a sustainable world, recognizing Cornell's green credentials I would like to build on that legacy and to push the university to continue to be a global leader in environmental sustainability.


College of Human Ecology Representative

Masa Haddad

Major: Policy Analysis and Management

College/School: College of Human Ecology

Net ID: mh2432

Candidate Statement: Hello! My name is Masa Haddad, and I’m a sophomore transfer from Amman, Jordan. I am running for the Human Ecology Representative Position because I want to see a college that genuinely listens to students’ voices. As HumEc Rep, I want to ensure that we can affect constructive change and empower our Student Assembly to represent the views that our students believe.

My main goals on the assembly will be to:

  1. Support all students through adequate funding; easier access to books at low costs; make buildings more accessible.
  2. Enhance access to mental health; create a program that combines all the mental health resources on campus, making it easier for students to find help when needed.
  3. Ensure all students can easily access the SA by lowering the many barriers to entry.

The Student Assembly is an incredible platform to support students. Through the SA we can make tangible impacts on students lives, ranging from getting better resources provided to students fighting for a better education and college experience. As HumEc Rep, the bare minimum is listening to our student community. What matters is knowing how to convert those voices into tangible results.

Vote to make your voices heard, vote for Masa!


Undesignated Representative At-Large

Valentina Xu

Major: Hotel Administration

College/School: School of Hotel Administration

Net ID: jx63

Candidate Statement: Hi! My name is Valentina Xu and I am running to be reelected as an Undesignated Representative on Student Assembly to bring more positive changes on campus for all. As a Freshman Representative this year, I spearheaded efforts to lower Bear Necessities’ medicine price, extend EARS mental health office hours during finals week, and work on Central Campus late-night dining options.
As an Undesignated Representative next year, I have 3 goals:

  1. Free laundry & LaundryView App: I will work to streamline the laundry process through stimulating mobile notification services and discussing reduced laundry costs.
  2. Convert unused meal swipes to BRBs: each week, all unused meal swipes (~$16 each) go to waste, I will ask the administration for transferability from unused swipes for BRBs.
  3. Gym membership refunded after 50 uses: I want to bring back this past policy this model opens gym access for everyone and incentivizes students to exercise more.

Thank you so much for your consideration. You have a vote that will shape Cornell’s future student life. Be a pal and vote for Val!


Undesignated Representative At-Large

John Clancy

Major: Industrial Labor Relations

College/School: School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Net ID: jac646

Candidate Statement: Hi, my name is John Clancy and I am running for the position of Student Assembly Undesignated Representative At-Large because I want to be a direct link between all undergraduate students and the administration. I have three main goals that I will pursue if I am elected for this position:

  1. Greater access to Cornell Health, which includes:
    1. Quicker access to mental health services
    2. Medical care options directly on North and West Campus
  2. Expanding Central Campus dining:
    1. Meal swipes at Trillium
    2. Weekend hours for a few Central Campus dining facilities
  3. Strengthening the student voice on campus:
    1. Create a petitioning system that can reflect the undergraduate voice on certain issues. (ex. An official version of a Change.org petition that could accurately reflect the number of registered undergraduates supporting an issue)
    2. Encouraging more transparency and promotion of the specific plans Cornell has to reach its 2035 carbon-neutrality vision.

Along with these goals, I promise to be an active listener and advocate for all. I am currently a member of both the Student Assembly Infrastructure and Environmental Committees and my time with both groups has given me first-hand experience with the inner workings of SA. Thank you!


International Students Liaison At-Large

Aaron Li

Major: Government / History

College/School: College of Arts and Sciences

Net ID: yl654

Candidate Statement: Hi! My name is Aaron Li, and I am looking to be your next International Students Representative! For the past few years, I have been working in SA Health & Wellness Committee and International Student Union, and I hope to create a Cornell community where all international students feel comfortable, inclusive and confident. My platform focuses on three main aspects:

  1. MENTAL HEALTH: International students need adequate mental health resources. While hiring international counselors could be expensive and impractical, I will work with Cornell EARS to set up more peer-led multilingual and multicultural counseling programs.
  2. CAREER DEVELOPMENT: International students face more uncertainty and difficulty in their search for internships and jobs. I will work with the Office of Global Learning to employ personnel who can provide helpful career consulting to international students.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY: International Students Liaison should be held accountable for the greater international community. I will actively reach out to student organizations and hold office hour to collect feedback and suggestions from the community.

I hope I can have your support to represent the larger community. Vote for Aaron and #jointhefamiLI!


Women’s Issues Liaison At-Large

Indigo Pavlov

Major: Industrial and Labor Relations

College/School: School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Net ID: iap29

Candidate Statement: Hi! I’m Indigo Pavlov, and I’m running for Women’s Representative! In the fall, I was elected Freshman Representative and have dedicated my work since then to optimizing the student-campus experience, increasing transparency and accountability, and advocating for students.

During my first term on the Student Assembly, I was internally elected chair of the Financial Aid Review Committee, through which I work to improve equity on campus by creating and publicizing resources for students in financial need, such as the Students Helping Students Fund and the Summer Experience Grant.

I am also one of two undergraduate students on the Campus Planning Committee, on which I help to advise the President on campus developments that are beneficial to both students and the environment.

I would love another term to continue my work from this year while additionally focusing on women’s issues. As Women’s Representative, I will continue the current representative’s work on the Free the Tampon Project, which strives to update all tampon dispensaries across campus and make tampons, a basic sanitary product, free and easily accessible. I will also work with women’s groups to support feminist movements on campus and make women’s voices heard.


Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly

Renelle Mensah

Major: Government (Major), Arabic (minor), French (minor)

College/School: College of Arts and Sciences

Net ID: rm933

Candidate Statement: Hi friends! My name is Renelle Mensah and I am a student in the College of Arts and Sciences.

As your Undergrad Rep to the University Assembly, my three primary goals are as follows:

  1. Expand university-provided bus pass beyond 1st year: The severity of Ithaca winters and size of campus provide additional stress for both abled and limited-mobility students. It essential that students are safe and comfortable when traveling around campus, best addressed by university-wide access to the TCAT which constantly circulates campus.
  2. Increase on-campus mental health services: The university expects a lot from students, and in return, students deserve a support system to navigate the demands of campus life. Wait times to see a Cornell Health professional and the cost per visit must be reduced so that “Any Person…Any Study” can ring true.
  3. Accelerate timetable for carbon-neutrality: The current Climate Action Plan aims to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2035, however the full effects of climate change will hit within the next 10 years. Cornell must act swiftly to more promptly achieve neutrality and truly earn its standing as the greenest Ivy League.

Thank you!
          Merci !
              ! شكراً


Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly

Shane Lobo

Major: Applied and Engineering Physics

College/School: College of Engineering

Net ID: snl35

Candidate Statement: Hi, my name is Shane Neil Lobo and I am running for Undergraduate Representative for the University Assembly. I am a sophomore Majoring in Applied and Engineering Physics and minoring in Materials Science. I am also an Air Force ROTC Cadet.

A key tell of any successful organization is if it seeks out feedback. As the Undergraduate Representative, I would actively seek out ideas and suggestions from the undergraduate population. My outgoing personality and involvement in many diverse communities at Cornell position me to serve this position well; I want to hear your story.

I am a strong supporter of ideas promoting student happiness through mental health initiatives; spiritual health through the installation of more prayer safe havens, besides Anabel Taylor Hall and Sage Chapel, for students of various religions (Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, etc.); and intellectual scholarship through increased opportunities in favor of discourse and the sharing of unique ideas.