Student Assembly

Committee Description Accepting Applications?
Cornell University - Student Assembly 19789 No
Internal Operations 47140 No
Office of Ethics

The Student Assembly Office of Ethics shall pursue any necessary ethics concerns of Student Assembly members and any directly elected undergraduate representative to the University Assembly. This committee shall evaluate all requests submitted by community members that are against any Student Assembly members, Student Assembly committees, or directly elected undergraduate representatives to the University Assembly.

The Office of Ethics can be reached via email at

Please submit any ethical complaints via the Office of Ethics Qualtrics form.

45309 No
Office of Student Government Relations

Creation of the Office of Student Government Relations, which includes three branches: (1) City and Local Relations (currently the City and Local Affairs Committee of the Student Assembly), (2) State Government Relations, (3) Federal Government Relations. 

The Office of Student Government Relations can be reached via email at

40246 No
Office of the Student Advocate

The Office of the Student Advocate is made up of undergraduate students acting as caseworkers in different fields to navigate issues including conduct violations, grade disputes, enrollment issues, financial aid problems, residency concerns, discrimination and harassment.

The Office of the Student Advocate can be reached via email at

40232 No
Academic Policy Committee

Researches, reviews, recommends, and develops projects to improve academic life for the student body; works closely with the Dean of Students and the Faculty Senate to ensure that students’ concerns related to academic policy are voiced effectively to university officials.

19819 Yes
Appropriations Committee

The Student Assembly Appropriations Committee reviews requests from the Student Assembly budget, recommends policies and guidelines for the undergraduate student activity fee, and oversees the Student Assembly Finance Commission.

19812 Yes
City and Local Affairs Committee

Advocates on behalf of student interest at the city and county government levels; organizes events that foster a sense of engagement in the Ithaca community for Cornell students.

19823 Yes
Communications Committee

The Student Assembly Communications Committee links the assembly with its constituencies by conducting polls, referenda, forums, and hearings. It also publicizes the business and activities of the assembly.

19811 Yes
CUTonight Oversight Committee

The charge of this ad-hoc committee is the oversight of CUTonight, assisting in rewriting and reforming the constitutions and funding guidelines of CUTonight and supporting recruitment and selection of new commissioners for the organization for the 2018-2019 term. The committee will not have a strict timeline and will work collaboratively with the Advisor and future commissioners of CUTonight to promote autonomy and success of CUTonight in the future.

38861 No
Dining Services Committee

Reviews the policies and initiatives of Dining Services, with a focus on sustainability, nutrition, and student experience. Coordinates with student-led food system efforts across campus to make recommendations to Dining Services and the Assembly regarding changes to existing policies or the formulation of new policies.

19817 Yes
Diversity Committee

Collects ideas, issues and concerns in the area of diversity and inclusion; works on implementable related policies. Implements United Student Body and subsequently reviews it during the process of implementation.

19825 Yes
Elections Committee

The elections committee is responsible for coordinating, publicizing, and overseeing undergraduate student elections for positions in the Student Assembly, as well as three of five undergraduate positions in the University Assembly.

19810 Yes
Environmental Committee

Creates new legislation and enforces past environmental legislation; provides environmental education and outreach in order to better inform students and the campus community about the environment and relevant issues.

19822 Yes
Executive Cabinet

The cabinet shall staff any vacant committee positions the Student Assembly (SA) is empowered to staff during meetings in early fall. The committee shall re-evaluate the committee application outreach plan at the end of every spring term. The committee shall also evaluate SA committees’ end of the year report, and determine if the SA committee and/or their composition need to be changed.

19818 No
Executive Committee

The Student Assembly Executive Committee coordinates the officers of the assembly to ensure the smooth operation.

19784 No
Financial Aid Review Committee

The Student Assembly Financial Aid Review Committee examines financial aid policies and reviews their current status. Responsible for reviewing the guidelines of the Student Helping Students Fund and Summer Experience Grant, and for making decisions regarding the approval of grants.

19815 Yes
Infrastructure Fund Commission

The Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund allocates roughly $75,000 every year to student-led infrastructure projects on Cornell's campus.

19826 Yes
International Student Affairs Committee

This committee will research and investigate issues affecting international students and provide recommendations to the Student Assembly. The committee will be responsible for engaging, liaising, and communicating with the various cultural organizations that represent and advocate for the rights and needs of international students. The International Students Affairs Committee will be charged with creating a platform that allows undergraduate students, both domestic and international, to collaborate to craft legislation that provides additional support to international students and international student organizations.

The committee shall consist of:

  • up to two chairs and at minimum three SA members.
  • The Vice-President of Diversity and Inclusion and Vice-President of External Affairs shall serve as ex-officio members to the committee.
  • Any undergraduate is eligible to serve in the committee.
  • Membership to the International Students Affairs Committee will be determined by an application process.
  • The committee will be arranged at the discretion of the chairs. 
46392 Yes
Investigative Committee on Stewardship in IT Governance and Campus Printing System

The committee is charged with the responsibility of investigating Cornell’s campus-wide printing system to issue recommendations to the S.A. and the Cornell Administration on improving the system’s pricing scheme, accessibility, and environmental sustainability. While maintaining its focus on the campus-wide printing system, the committee is also charged with broader inquiries into Cornell University’s stewardship in IT governance practices, and the lack of student involvement in such practices.

37095 No
Research & Accountability Committee

The Student Assembly Research & Accountability Committee reviews requests regarding resolution research/background information, tentative amendments to Governing Documents, SA member conduct, SA Committee conduct, liaison obligations--in order to formulates reports and/or recommendations to the SA and select committees.

The Student Assembly Research & Accountability Committee can be reached via email at To submit a inquiry request to the Research & Accountability Committee, please complete and submit this form.

40412 No
Student Activities Funding Commission

This committee is no longer governed by the Student Assembly. It is listed here for historical reference. 

For more information about the SAFC, please visit their website:

19814 No
Voting Members

Drupal list of current Student Assembly voting members

44016 No
Student Health Advisory Committee

This is a joint committee of the Student Assembly, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, and Cornell Health. Areas of focus for the committee include, but are not limited to, physical health, mental health, and outreach and communication.

39096 Yes