Graduate and Professional Student Assembly

Committee Description Accepting Applications?
Cornell University - Graduate and Professional Student Assembly 19788 Yes
Appropriations Committee

The Appropriations Committee manages GPSA funds and recommends the Graduate and Professional Student Activity Fee to the GPSA. This committee also reviews the policies and procedures for setting and allocating the Activity Fee and recommends to the GPSA the funding guidelines of the GPSA Finance

19806 Yes
Communications Committee

The Communications Committee maintains the accessible flow of information from the GPSA to the graduate and professional student body and the Cornell community.

19804 Yes
Diversity and International Students Committee

Connects and advocates specifically for international graduate students and graduate students from diverse backgrounds.

19827 Yes
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composes of the officers of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, of which there shall be at least four. They meet regularly with the Graduate School deans, university administrators, and executives of other assemblies. The Executive Vice-President is the chair of the Executive Committee.

19801 No
Faculty Teaching, Advising, and Mentorship Award Committee

The primary purpose of the Faculty Teaching, Advising, and Mentorship Award Committee is to solicit nominations for and administer one or more annual Awards to recognize faculty who exhibit excellence in the teaching, advising, and mentorship of graduate and professional students.

19802 Yes
Finance Commission

The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Finance Commission (GPSAFC) is the funding arm of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GPSA). The GPSAFC is responsible for funding over 200 registered graduate and professional student organizations on the Cornell campus.

19807 Yes
GPCI Ad Hoc Committee

The Graduate and Professional Community Initiative (GPCI) is a needs assessment and strategic planning document for the Graduate and Professional community. This ad hoc committee reviews the current GPCI and develops a new document every five years.

19846 Yes
Operations and Staffing Committee

The Operations and Staffing Committee of the GPSA is composed entirely of the current standing committee chairs and GPSA University Assembly representatives. The role of this committee is to review and vote on applications for the numerous internal and external committee positions that the GPSA is charged with staffing. The Operations and Staffing Committee is additionally charged with reviewing the GPSA's charter and bylaws each year and suggesting changes as needed.

19803 No
Programming Board

The Events Committee organizes events for the entire graduate and professional student community. Although the committee’s primary purpose is to put together the annual Grad Ball, the committee is also dedicated to planning a large number of smaller events throughout the year. Events include monthly Grad’s Night Out, mixers, coffee hours, fundraising events, and events for graduate and professional students with families.

19805 Yes
Student Advocacy Committee

The GPSA Student Advocacy Committee works to act on issues of finances, stipend levels, mental and physical health, child care and the general well being of all graduate and professional students. The Student Advocacy Committee works in consultation with other relevant student and Cornell assembly committees and interested parties.

19808 Yes
Student Legal Services 19850 No
Voting Members

Drupal list of current GPSA voting members

40802 No
Graduate School Academic Integrity Committee

The Graduate School Academic Integrity Hearing Board reviews and rules on alleged violations of academic integrity standards by graduate and professional students.

19852 No