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Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Carlo Castillo
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Biological Sciences
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Representative
Hello Everyone! My name is Carlo Castillo and I am running to be your representative in the Student Assembly. As a sophomore transfer to the college, I fell in love with CALS and all it has to offer. Now as a junior, I hope to be more involved on Cornell’s campus by campaigning for the SA CALS Rep seat. With this position I will be able to better cater to the CALS population on campus, and be the voice for the second largest undergraduate college here at Cornell. Since our presence is so large at Cornell, I find it vital that we have our voices heard in the Student Assembly. I am the candidate for this job.
Some issues to bring to the table on my agenda include:
1. To make sure the campus is protecting its students during this semester. COVID-19 has changed our lives one way or another and we all must work together to keep students, Ithaca and Cornell safe. Live Smarter.
2. Promoting diversity and inclusion through changes in policy in CALS, student organizations, and the Student Assembly. The prevalence of the BLM movement is not over and we must continue to fight for what is right.
3. Ensure that all students have accessible mental health services at adequate times/spaces at Cornell Health and throughout campus, as it can be a burden to many 
If elected, I hope to continue the distinction that CALS has always maintained throughout the university's history, and advocate for its students at the highest standards.
Laila Abd Elmagid
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Laila Abd Elmagid
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Biology and SocietyGovernment
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Representative
Hello! My name is Laila Abd Elmagid, and I am excited to have the opportunity to stand for you and the rest of CALS’ diverse student body.
A vote for me means a vote for: 
1. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Cornell invests millions of dollars in fossil fuels, which violates the ethics of sustainability and accountability central to the CALS mission. In order to align our values, I will fight alongside you and urge the university and Board of Trustees to commit to fully divesting from fossil fuels. 
2. TEXTBOOK AFFORDABILITY & ACCESSIBILITY: Textbooks are expensive and add on to our financial burden. I will speak with faculty and administrators to ensure that students have the opportunity to borrow textbooks for the semester rather than buying them.  
3. DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Both Cornell and CALS embody students from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines. I will make sure that voices from every minority group are heard by promoting open discourse between multicultural organizations and the student assembly. 
Feel free to reach out Vote Laila for CALS rep!
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Jocelyn Noriega
College of Architecture, Art, and Planning
Urban and Regional Studies
College of Achitecture, Art, and Planning Representative
Hi Y'all,   My name is Josie Noriega, I am a sophomore majoring in Urban Planning, and I am running for student assembly. As an underclassman, I have come to love the uniquely driven and close-knit community of APP. If elected, I want to do my part to maintain this collective culture and use my influence to provoke positive change to better aid the real needs of students within our school.  During my campaign, and if elected, I want to hear from you on how I can help make AAP cater to your needs and what is most important to you. I plan to focus specifically on assistance for mental health concerns as well as strive to garner support and enact policy to benefit those working on and off-campus during the school year. Any suggestions or concerns raised to me by fellow students will be taken with the utmost urgency to try and make everyone's Cornell experience more positive. If you are interested in chatting about my policies or have any concerns, I am available at   Please reach out so your voice can be heard, and don't forget to vote. Thank you for your support! 

Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Morgan Baker
College of Arts and Sciences
Government, Economics
College of Arts and Sciences Representative
Hi A&S! I'm Morgan Baker, and I’m running to be your Representative. As a current Freshman Rep, I hope to continue my work making your college experience more enjoyable.
My platform consists of five pillars: 
1. Mapping out YOUR Future: Students should have available more class information targetting career paths. I will publicize existing data on successful career trajectories and course evaluations.
2. Prioritizing YOUR Safety: Students are exposed to harmful chemicals in buildings with outdated ventilation systems. I will work with Cornell’s Asbestos Management Program to rid vents of asbestos.
3. Improving YOUR Textbook Availability: Students lack efficient textbook exchange capabilities and free rentals. I will work to supply the lending library with more textbooks and develop an exchange system.
4. Amplifying YOUR Voice: Students with the diverse backgrounds and ideas that make A&S so special need defending. I will work to provide support and guidance to underrepresented groups.
5. Increasing YOUR Caffeine Options: Students should have available better caffeinated drinks in dining halls. I will work with Cornell Dining to install latte machines. 
Vote for a Change Maker, Vote Morgan Baker Reach out at!
Evan Moy
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Evan Moy
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences Representative
Attending Cornell University is a great asset to anybody’s life, an Ivy League education that is unparalleled by anything else in the world. This quality comes with an extraordinary financial burden; Cornell is almost always ranked in the top 25 most expensive colleges in the US.  Cornellians also suffer from many hidden costs that are not reflected in that already high price tag. One of the largest burdens that students face is the cost of textbooks. Despite certain majors paying thousands in a single year to cover these necessary materials, it is not factored in financial aid packages.  It will get worse before it gets better: rising textbook prices have outpaced inflation by a factor of four.  My goal for my candidacy is to decrease these kinds of costs, which are a particular burden on students from low-income backgrounds. I will expand the course reserves so that all students have equal access to their necessary educational resources and support programs like the Lending Library.  Cornell needs to be more affordable, more accountable, and more equitable. Maintaining the status quo does nothing to achieve these goals. Help me do what needs to be done. Elect Evan Moy to the Student Assembly.
Estefania Perez
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Estefania Perez
College of Arts and Sciences
Government and History
College of Arts and Sciences Representative
Hello everyone, my name is Estefania Perez and I am a Posse Scholar in the College of Arts and Sciences double-majoring in Government and History.  As Chair of the Orientation Steering Committee and a member of the Slope Day Programming Board, I have substantial experience planning events for the Cornell Community that promote student well-being. While I love these roles, I would like to offer my experience and determination to the SA, an institution that continuously seeks to improve student life and access to resources.  I would like to push a resolution that requires diversity training for faculty and staff. Among Cornell faculty are brilliant scholars and dedicated workers in the world, but there have been cases of cultural insensitivity that have gone unchecked. If our freshmen have to go through training such as IDP, members of the entire Cornell community should be expected to meet this benchmark as well.  Regarding CAS specifically: we need cohesion and pride. One way of doing this is by working with the A&S Advisory Council. It is my hope to collaborate with fellow SA members to accomplish this. At the same time, I hope to build a "One Cornell" sentiment throughout the entire student body with the help of my peers.

Spring 2020 Student Assembly Dyson School of Business Representative candidate Mardiya Shardow
Dyson School of Business
Applied Economics and Management
Dyson School of Business Representative
Hi! I’m Mardiya Shardow a first-year at Dyson! My platform consists of three pillars: accessibility, transparency, and a better Dyson.  I’m committed to transparency and accessibility. I want to make sure that all voices are heard and utilize my access to administrators to create a better Dyson. 
A Better Dyson includes:
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms;
  • Diversity in terms of opportunity, if you’re not in IB or consulting you don’t have many opportunities (We have all these concentrations but not enough resources offered for all of them);
  • A designated prayer room or serenity room. 
Past Experience: I know how to advocate for people. I was a teen court attorney and I defended local disadvantage teens in the court of law. And if you took Pedro's class with me, you know I don't shy away from speaking up :).  I'm just an email away at
Levy Agaronnik
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Levy Agaronnik
Dyson School of Business
Applied Economics and Management
Dyson School of Business Representative
My name is Levy Agaronnik, and I am a junior in the Dyson School running to represent the Dyson School of Business in the Student Assembly. Although we joke about the Dyson Difference, Dyson is a distinguished school on campus for our uniquely strong collaboration, diversity in thought, and intimacy. I can promise you that I am committed to ensuring that the Student Assembly is working for you and our student body.   However, despite Dyson’s incredible accolades, my representation of the Dyson School can take us even further. I am looking to increase student engagement and access to the resources and facilities offered by the Hotel School and the Johnson School. Cornell has boasted the collaboration between Dyson, Hotel, and Johnson and it is time that we are able to see these benefits such as the Sage Building being available to us and NBA courses counting towards our requirements. I also believe that career services should have a better presence in our college. I will work with career services in order to increase the impact they have on our students so that we do not feel compelled and do not have to join business clubs to find success. If you have any questions regarding my candidacy feel free to reach out at
College of Engineering
Computer Science
College of Engineering Representative
Hello everyone, my name is Osai Egharevba and I am a senior Computer Science Major currently serving on the Student Assembly. With coronavirus changing life as we know it, it is imperative that we have a strong and steady voice with regards to SA Reform, safeguarding student rights and achieving more.  
The Platform:
  1. Pursue SA Reform – If elected I will bring the following to a vote within the first 30 days of the first SA meeting: establishment of an oversight board, conflict resolution and mediation training for SA Members, create a remote student representative for those outside Ithaca and more.
  2. Protect Student Rights – Maintain the current evidentiary standard for Campus Code of Conduct hearings. Given there is already a significant power dynamic between administration and students and many Black and brown students are low-income and thus may not be able to afford an attorney, lowering the evidentiary standard would increase the role of racial and socioeconomic bias in these proceedings.
  3. Achieve More – Eliminating student contribution, increasing transportation options and making office hours less stressful (especially in Zoom) are the issues I also aim to focus on this year.
Annie Vail
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Annette Gleiberman
College of Engineering
Biomedican Engineering Engineering
College of Engineering Representative
Hi! My name is Annie Gleiberman and I’m running to be your Engineering Representative in the Student Assembly. I will make the Student Assembly work for YOU by advocating for transparency around the decisions made by the Student Assembly and being honest about the progress of initiatives.
My platform consists of a few key ideas:
1) Addressing Mental Health - Mental health is something that is currently not being properly addressed on campus and specifically within the College of Engineering. I will work to grow the scope and reach of the Student Health Advocacy Committee (SHAC) which allows students to take an active approach in implementing changes to Cornell Health.  
2) Improving Health & Wellness - I will continue expanding the free tampon initiative and install a wellness vending machine in Duffield so students have access to Advil & cough drops at all hours of the day.  
3) Campus Safety - No more 2 am walks from Duffield in the darkness, I will work to improve campus lighting so students always feel safe walking home. 
I would be honored to represent you in the Student Assembly, please consider voting for me and I promise to work to serve YOUR interests!
Sonu Kapoor
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Sonu Kapoor
College of Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
College of Engineering Representative
Hi everyone! I am Sonu Kapoor, a junior ECE major. I realised that the best way to make sure something changes is to get involved. Being on the boards of the Language House and AguaClara, I launched initiatives to foster a sense of community and build stronger relationships with alumni.
Now, I am running to be your representative in the Student Assembly, and I need your support to achieve two things:  
1. Change the homework and exam policy during breaks. Breaks are the only time away from classes, and it is difficult to truly relax with three problem sets and two exams (and countless other tasks) looming over us.
2. Sponsor events where engineering students can get involved in the student assembly to have an all-rounded college experience. There are days - and sometimes weeks - when my involvement in classes gets so heavy that I forget there is a world outside of Duffield.  
Please support me in this endeavour, and feel free to reach out to me over email ( or Facebook messenger.

Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Jenniviv Bansah
School of Hotel Administration
Hotel Administration
School of Hotel Administration Representative
Hi everyone! I’m Jenniviv, and I want to represent you and your voice on the Student Assembly. It is with great pleasure and passion that I submit my application to run for and serve on the Student Assembly as a Hotelie Representative. I have been a part of the student assembly at a previous institution, Syracuse University, where I heard a Director of Collaborations position. This experience exposed me to various audiences as I would interact with diverse groups of students every week to execute an initiative. Also, in this position, I executed initiatives that helped food insecure students have access to nutritious meals, created a committee of student veterans to uplift their voice in campus decisions, and planned events during mental health awareness week to spread the resources available for students. I understand what it means to represent the voice of a community and I am committed to ensuring I uphold the values of the Hotel School in every way possible and drive results in various initiatives. I plan on implementing heat lamps at bus stops to help students stay warm as they wait for a bus, increasing opportunities available for underprivileged communities in the Hotel School (equity), and representing the school to the
Rafael Bitanga
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Rafael Bitanga
School of Hotel Administration
Hospitality Administration
School of Hotel Administration Representative
My name is Rafael Bitanga, I am a first-generation student and the son of two Filipinx immigrants. I am first-year student studying at the School of Hotel Administration, happily pursuing my passion for videography, culinary arts, and hospitality.   Service comes from the heart, and to me it is about addressing concerns that will help others have a better time–and sometimes they do not even know they have a concern.   Although it is my first year at the Hotel School, I noticed that we need to eat after 3pm (Mac’s Café). As a student currently serving on the Student Advisory Board to the Dean, I have heard and tried to work upon this need.   In the coming year, I hope to extend our voices from the hotel school to the student assembly. Focusing on one task at hand will have greater impact than having many.  I hope that you will allow me to envelope us to become ONE, so together WE can achieve more.  In your free time, I’d invite you to learn more about my story and my capabilities: /
College of Human Ecology
Human Biology, Health, and Society
College of Human Ecology Representative
Hello HumEc!  My name is Samuel Zverev and I am a junior in the College of Human Ecology running for Human Ecology Representative in the SA and participating in the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. I am a first-generation college student and extremely thankful for everything I have been able to be part of at Cornell. Since transferring as a sophomore, I have fallen in love with Human Ecology and its tightly-knit community through incredible friendships, meaningful relationships with professors, and unique formative day-to-day experiences. I am passionate about furthering the Human Ecology mission and maintaining the college’s prestige, representing transfer and first-generation students in addition to the rest of our student body.
I have 3 main missions that I plan to further during my candidacy: 
1)         Maintaining the College of Human Ecology’s integrity, by keeping it separate from the new Policy School. 
2)         Divesting from the use of fossil fuels in Human Ecology buildings and furthering sustainability efforts. 
3)         Promoting diversity and inclusion in the classroom setting, college committees, extra-curricular organizations, and the SA as a whole. 
I hope to voice all of the opinions and concerns of the HumEc student body.
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Lucas Zumpano
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
School of Industrial and Labor Relations Representative
Hello ILRies! My name is Lucas Zumpano and I am running for ILR Student Representative because I know I have the talent and drive to enhance the student experience at the school.
The three most significant aspects of my platform follow:  
1. Promoting experiential equality (with respect to studying abroad, internships, etc.) by enhancing resources available to the ILR student body. 
2. Intense fundraising efforts to support the aforementioned strategic goal: expanding access to programs and opportunities traditionally reserved for privileged students. 
3. Establish bi-monthly alumni networking opportunities on ILR campus.  
These policy proposals will be implemented by the end of Spring 2020, taking a step towards improving the student experience for semesters to come. Being a minority myself (of Cuban descent) and coming from a diverse background, I am positioned to bring a unique collective voice as your ILR representative.

Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Lucas Smith
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Agricultural Sciences
Undesignated Representative At-Large
My name is Lucas Smith and I running for Undesignated Representative At-Large. After serving as CALS Representative on the Assembly this past year I have established myself as an advocate for students in the greater Ithaca community.  In tandem with my seat on the Assembly I also served as the chair of the City and and Local Affairs Committee for the Student Assembly, striving to build a positive relationship with local leaders and and ensure that our interests as students in Ithaca, our home away from home, are represented.   Building on my experience on the Assembly, I believe I am well positioned to advocate on behalf of student from all across campus and continue to ensure that student voices are heard and responded to.
If elected I plan to: 
1) Continue to advocate for transparent and equitable renting/housing support from the University 
2) Push for the establishment of a strategic plan to offer free on-campus bus services for all students 
3) Pressure the University for timely updates regarding sustainability policies  
If you believe in affecting change not only across campus, but across Ithaca then I would appreciate your vote this year!
Valentina Xu
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Valentina Xu
School of Hotel Administration
Hotel Administration
Undesignated Representative At-Large
Hi, my name is Valentina Xu and I am running to be reelected as an Undesignated Representative on Student Assembly because I care deeply about students' wellbeing throughout their college experience, and I want to make sure school's policies are sensible to allow students to thrive.   Last year, as a Freshman Representative, I was able to lower Bear Necessities’ medicine price and extend EARS mental health office hours during finals week. This year, I am Undesignated Representative and VP of Internal, which I chaired the cabinet committee and built a translation program for international parents at graduation.
For next year, my goals mainly focus on students' physical health and mental health: 
Physical Health: 
1. Plan more Central Campus dining options with meal swipes (transferability between BRBs and meal swipes).
2. Make mandatory West Campus meal plans more flexible.
3. Make Explore free gym access options.  
Mental Health:
1. Lower financial burden, such as Student Contribution Fee and Student Activity Fee
2. Higher quality and more availabilities for mental health appointments.
3. Improve the Leave of Absence system. 
Thank you so much for your consideration. You have a vote that will shape Cornell’s future student life.

Salima Ali
Spring 2020 Student Assembly First Generation Student Representative At-Large candidate Salima Ali
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
First Generation Student Representative At-Large
Candidate Statement video
Hi! I’m Salima! I am running to be YOUR first-generation student rep. Having to handle the unique pressures from family life in addition to the regular stress associated with being at an Ivy league, first generation students are faced with unique circumstances. Covid-19’s impact on first generation students shows why we need strong leadership to advocate for first gen needs. As someone who understands what it is like being the first one in your family figuring out college life, I plan to do everything possible to improve your time at Cornell. I plan to 
  1. Vocalize first generation opinions- Many first gen students have great ideas and concerns about campus life. I want to help these students bring their ideas into fruition.
  2. Promote opportunities- Cornell has several great opportunities that first gen students can take advantage of. I plan on creating effective platforms that will connect first gen students with on-campus resources.
  3. Create programs- Transitioning to college as a first gen student is a difficult process. I would create events to foster a community for all first gen students during o-week. 
Overall, I want to help foster an environment at Cornell where everyone can have an enjoyable college experience.
Lucero Contreras
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Lucero Contreras
College of Arts and Sciences
Government and Sociology
First Generation Student Representative At-Large
My name is Lucy Contreras and I am a proud first-generation student. I am also the product of two Mexican immigrants who migrated to the United States in search of a better future. Like my parents, I recognize that where I was born and how much money I possess should not determine my future success. I am running for First-Generation Liaison At-Large because it is time that FLI (first-gen low-income) students like me have a voice at Cornell. Our needs have been ignored for far too long, shrouded by the interests of legacy and wealth.  I am a Senior majoring in Government and Sociology. During my first two years at Cornell, I served as a first-in-class mobilizer with OADI. Through this program, I helped organize events for the first-gen community, from workshops to social gatherings. I was also a mobilizer for the 2019 ivyG Conference that took place in Princeton University. As an opinion columnist for the Sun, I’ve written openly about my experience and my challenges as a first-generation student at Cornell. As First-Gen Liaison, I will fight to amplify our voices on this campus. I will work to increase the access fund, eliminate the student contribution, and increase first-gen programing on campus. I will also work to increase the representation of BIPOC on campus and to get our needs met. My goal is to ease the uncertainty that first-gen students feel at a place like Cornell, and for us to attain the resources we need and deserve. Vote Lucy to see REAL change on campus!

School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Freshman Representative
Hi everyone! My name's Alex Arejian, I'm a freshman in ILR from Los Angeles, California! I'm running to be one of your next four Freshman Representatives to the Cornell Student Assembly. For the sake of brevity I’ve listed a few things I'd like to work on as a Freshman Rep:
  1. Kickstart a voter registration initiative specifically geared towards freshman on campus. I want to increase political participation and get as many people to vote in this year's election, especially freshman!
  2. Sponsor more socially-distanced events on the weekends for freshmen on North Campus.
  3. Amplify the voices of marginalized students on campus through diversity initiatives and advocate for greater representation.
As a representative, I'm most looking forward to positively engaging with other members of the Class of 2024 and enacting change. I hope I have your vote!
Alexa Buten
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Alexa Buten
College of Arts and Sciences
Biology and Society
Freshman Representative
Hi! I’m Alexa Buten, and I’m from New York City. This fall, as we begin our first semester of freshman year with our class spread all over the world, I feel that it is more important than ever to work to build our community, ensure a robust educational experience, and have opportunities for more social interaction. Some of the issues that I would address include expanding the variety of dining options, establishing safe settings for meals when the weather changes, and providing greater access to work and study spaces (I know how difficult it can be to do work/take classes with a roommate). Additionally, for those on campus, I would advocate for an increase of outdoor activities and school sponsored events to get us out of our dorms and meet new people. For those who are studying remotely, additional online programming would help bring us all together. Your voice matters; therefore, creating an online forum that would enable freshmen to express their concerns would be a priority of mine. Having been involved in student government in high school, I understand the role of the SA, and as a representative would work hard to make our freshman year an amazing one!
Kayla Butler
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Kayla Butler
College of Human Ecology
Policy Analysis and Management
Freshman Representative
Underserved and underrepresented. The class of 2024 tends to get lost in the chaos of a new semester, and often our voices go unheard. As freshman representative, I will be acting as a direct link between the class of 2024 and the school administration, developing policy that reflects both the values and needs of our community. I will also be actively working with the other freshman reps to increase transparency, collaboration and direct communication between students and administration. Born to a single mother and raised with an emphasis on community service, I quickly learned the value of advocacy and representation, of having someone strong, vocal, and ready to carry out the needs of those underserved and underrepresented. As first-years, our ‘minor grievances’ are pushed to the side, while the costs of PE courses, laundry and books begin to pile up, maintenance issues go untreated, and the stress of navigating a new existence quickly builds up. Our concerns as new students, as new adults learning to navigate an increasingly complex world are too often disregarded as the complaints of children. It’s time to change that dynamic. Feel free to reach out to me with concerns or ideas via IG @kayla.onpolitics or
Amari Lampert
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Amari Lampert
College of Human Ecology
Human Biology, Health and Society
Freshman Representative
Hi friends! My name is Amari and I am in the College of Human Ecology studying Human Biology, Health and Society. I am so excited to be running for a position on the Student Assembly to represent the Freshman Class! My main goals as your representative are to:
  1. Promote more outreach between academic and career advising and students. Students should have more accessibility and support from advisors while choosing class schedules that align with career goals.
  2. Increase accessibility to the Office of Student Services and freshmen. It is important for freshmen to have easy access to career, internship and research opportunities.
  3. Expand social activities amongst the dorm buildings and floors. Freshman year can be isolating, especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic it is difficult to create meaningful connections with others. I want to create more in-person socially distanced programs that will allow freshmen to meet others!
Please don’t hesitate to reach out! And don’t forget to vote for Amari, you won’t be sorry!
Jacob MacGregor
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Jacob MacGregor
College of Arts and Sciences
Freshman Representative
Leaders throughout history earned trust through feats of strength and bravery on the battlefield. However, given the constraints of 21st Century living, I will have to forgo putting my ferocity on full display and settle for proving my noble worth with this statement.
Now more than ever, we need reliable leaders, and those who know me best know I am nothing if not dependable: my Nana always marveled at how I could be so handsome ALL of the time. In the midst of COVID, we need staunch representation that freshmen can lean on to let their voices be heard and I strive to be open and approachable, having introduced myself with good humor to nearly every person I’ve met since arriving on campus.
I will work with the dining hall to become more eco-conscious with packaging even while abiding by COVID rules. I will also organize more fun, COVID-safe activities for freshmen.
More than anything I value being better tomorrow than I was today, and I will do this on behalf of the Class of 2024 with intensity if voted in. I am steadfast in my love for this class and in my love for this university. If elected to serve I promise to always put my constituents first and myself last. Know that if I come up short, I will have died trying.
Aisling Mannion
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Aisling Mannion
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Freshman Representative
Hello Cornell Class of 2024! My name is Aisling Mannion, and I’m an Industrial & Labor Relations major from Massachusetts. My platform consists of the following:
  • Ensuring that the voices, beliefs, and opinions of the Class of 2024 are acknowledged in the Student Assembly and in the Cornell community as a whole.
  • Advocating to lessen the financial burden on all Cornell Students, specifically those coming from low-income families, through campaigning to decrease the Student Contribution Fee.
  • Campaigning to make campus more affordable, through the lowering of laundry fees and the implementation of a textbook lending program.
  • Expanding the accessibility of mental health service, and working toward the de-stigmatization of mental illness on campus.
  • Providing additional resources for first generation students that would help smoothen the college transition process.
  • Ensuring that the Cornell community is held accountable on issues including but not limited to diversity, inclusion, bias, socioeconomic status, and sustainability.
It is the responsibility of a freshman representative to listen to concerns and ensure that the voices of their constituents are heard; if elected, I pledge to fight for you.
Andrea Miramontes Serrano
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Andrea Miramontes Serrano
College of Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Freshman Representative
Hi, I'm Andrea!
With COVID, a lot's been going on lately, but I don't think that should interferr with our college experience.
My campaign for this fall focuses on: transparency on tuition, quality of dining hall food, COVID-friendly fitness options, and ecology - reduce plastic waste and improve recycling.
  1. Transparency - What are we paying for? We came here for the college experience: the classes, professors and clubs. Now 2/3 of the curriculum is virtual, so we're using fewer resources. We need to know where all our money is going.
  2. Dining - Variety and food quality usually make up for meal plan cost. But now we're not being served the food Cornell was praised for. The food we eat should reflect its cost.
  3. Fitness - Gyms are closed, and PE classes can't get weight training equipment. With Cornell's resources, material shortage should not be an issue. Cornell should make more efforts to provide more engaging fitness experiences.
  4. Ecology - COVID care should not make the University less environmentally responsible. I'll work to reduce plastic waster, improve recycling and install more trash cans in the Appel Field, the Slope, etc.
We had a specific service in mind when we paid our tuition. That's what we should get, even with a COVID.
Andreas Psahos
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Andreas Psahos
College of Human Ecology
Policy Analysis and Management
Freshman Representative
Hello Cornell Class of 2024! My name is Andreas Psahos, and I am a Policy Analysis and Management major running to be one of your Freshman Representatives this year. It goes without saying that whether you are studying on North Campus or remotely, we will face challenges in our academic and social lives that no college cohort has ever experienced. I have years of experience in leadership positions in nonprofits in NYC, and I am passionate about making our freshman year as equitable and stress-free as possible, regardless of where you are experiencing your first year at Cornell. Without further ado, I have a number of concrete ideas:
  • Academic Support during COVID - I will work with academic deans/counselors across colleges to develop protocols that are considerate to student problems that uniquely arise during remote learning/test taking.
  • Reduced Wait Times - For those of you on North Campus, I will strategize with the parties responsible so that you spend less time in line for COVID tests, dining, and mail pickup.
  • Dashboard Transparency - I will push for more detailed and transparent statistics to be shown on the Cornell COVID dashboard, so that you don't have to attend class uncertain about our status.
Chris Rampaul-Pino (CRP)
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Chris Rampaul-Pino (CRP)
Dyson School of Business
Applied Economics and Management
Freshman Representative
Hi everyone! My name is Chris Rampaul-Pino, and I am a freshman at Cornell seeking to be a Freshman Representative on the Student Assembly. I have a strong desire to make an impact and help make a difference while I'm here at Cornell, and this is the perfect opportunity for me to begin making lasting change. Throughout high school I served in a variety of different leadership roles, each with varying levels of responsibility, and I understand the commitment and dedication it takes to be an effective and meaningful leader. Being an active member of my local community has always been extremely important to me, and I want to continue to pursue this passion here at Cornell. I want to ensure that our voices as students are heard, and that we are given the justice, opportunity, and transparency that we deserve. I believe that we are currently at a societal crossroads and that now is the time to use the tools that we have to help improve not only our Ithaca community but the greater nation and world at large. With your vote, confidence, and trust in me, we can all help make Cornell even greater than it already is. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via email at Thank you for your consideration!
Grayson Shaw
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Grayson Shaw
School of Hotel Administration
Hotel Administration
Freshman Representative
Dear Fellow 2024 Cornellians, Before I ask for your vote, first off let me introduce myself. My name is Grayson Shaw and I am from Washington, DC, but have lived in Switzerland, New Hampshire, and currently live in Puerto Rico. My experience as the Student Admissions Officer, Head of the Investment Club, and founder of the Surf Club in high school will allow me to effectively lead the freshman class. In addition, my entrepreneurial background as owner and CEO of Nantucket iPhone repair will allow me to solve any issues that arise and fight for the freshman class. As your representative, I represent YOU and what you want for our community. Covid has already taken enough out of our lives and although our freshman year might not be normal, I want to make sure that we can still see each other in person by planning different activities and events that are Covid safe. Plans for change: More activities for North Campus (eg. cookouts with Halls) Faster package pickup at RPPC Breakfast all day at Bear Necessities More spaces where we are allowed to hang out Better takeout options for dining halls Questions? Ask away Email- It’s Shaw’s laws, Vote Grayson!
Evan Sunshine
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Evan Sunshine
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Freshman Representative
My name is Evan Sunshine (yes, for real) and I am an ILR freshman from Long Island, New York. As part of a large, diverse student body, we want as many opinions as possible to be properly taken into consideration by the Student Assembly. As a transgender guy, I had to put myself out there to have my name, pronouns and rights recognized by my high school and overcame these obstacles by not only vouching for myself, but for my trans peers, as well. No student here should feel like they are alone in their struggles. If I were to become one of the freshman representatives, I would strive to fight for the issues students want to be addressed, such as any SA reforms, fixing gender and/or racial inequalities in campus organizations and bettering student mental health. For example, because most campus attention has been allocated to COVID-19 healthcare, there has been a lack of transparency and communication about financial aid this year. This severely impacts low-income and minority freshmen, who have suffered so much during the pandemic and deserve to be advocated for. These are just a few of the pressing issues I'd be more than willing to represent, if elected, on behalf of the '24 class. Thank you for taking me into consideration.
Claire Tempelman
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Claire Templeman
College of Human Ecology
Policy Analysis and Management
Freshman Representative
Hi! I’m Claire Tempelman and I’m from NYC. I’m so excited to run for Freshman Representative! I believe my experience, leadership, and creativity make me an excellent candidate. I love getting to know people and solving problems. If elected, I will push for:
  1. Improving campus and the freshman experience through:
    1. Adding more trash and recycling bins. Students are ordering takeout more than ever, and our infrastructure cannot keep up!
    2. Advocating for more swipe dining halls on North and Central campus to reduce congestion at RPCC and Appel.
    3. Supporting the RPCC Service Center to reduce wait and processing times. Students are reliant on the mail more than ever, and the SA must meet this demand.
    4. Reducing cost of laundry and adding more free printing stations on campus.
    5. Ensuring improved communication of COVID-19 testing location closures and the ability to book tests beforehand.
  2. Continuing to support diversity initiatives by working closely with student-led organizations to create change beyond symbolic gestures. I believe it is paramount that the SA works to help every Cornell student.
And more! If you have questions, input, or want to talk about literally anything, you can always email me!
Jailyn Wilson
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Jailyn Wilson
College of Arts and Sciences
Psychology and Biology and Society
Freshman Representative
Do you want a cleaner environment, equality among even the small things said in the classroom that bother you, change to things that you believe need fixed and want someone to do something about it? As I am coming to complete my first month of college, I realize that my success is due largely to the support of others; my dad, friends, teachers that I still communicate with. To give back, I want to support my peers in a way that I know I can, which is helping to support smooth policy changes for a better experience! Looking deeper into the policy and structures of Cornell, like many other fast-demanding and intellectual communities, there is always room for a change in old policies and outdated methods. Although my goal is to listen to the areas that my peers demand change and to allocate resources to support varying causes, two areas that I believe require attention are environmental sustainability and equality among every ethnicity, especially disadvantaged minorities. With a light on recent events, it is evident that change is due. With the support of my peers, we can advance and flourish with the high-demands of the pandemic and the rigorous environment that Cornell offers. 
Robert Winslow
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Robert Winslow
College of Arts and Sciences
Freshman Representative
Hello! My name is Robert Winslow. I am a freshman in the college of arts and sciences and I am running to be your freshman representative in the student assembly.
While we have only been on campus for a matter of weeks now, I and many other freshman have already fallen in love with the university that we will call home for the next 4 or 5 years. Each and every one of us, however, has our own issues and gripes that we feel can and should be addressed. As your representative this year, I will work to ensure that those voices, YOUR voices, are heard on the assembly floor through extensive office hours for you to speak directly with me about issues on campus and providing individuals speaking time in the actual meetings. Additionally, I will do everything in my power to ensure that the proceedings of the student assembly are much more accessible to the students themselves.
Without question, the best part about Cornell is its dedication to diversity. As your freshman representative, I will provide a space for everyone of every background and every college to have a voice, truly making Cornell a place for ANY person to pursue ANY study.
If you have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to email me at Thank you!
Kion Yaghoobzadeh
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Freshman Representative candidate Kion Yaghoobzadeh
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Environment and Sustainability
Freshman Representative
Hi everyone! I’m Kion and I’m running to be your Freshman Representative! If elected, there are two major issues that I will instantly set to work tackling:
  1. Community: We can all agree that Covid-19 has greatly harmed the ability to meet and socialize with new people. This has been worsened by Cornell’s encouragement of students implicating others for Behavioral Compact violations. If elected, I will work to reduce Cornell’s reliance on students to enforce their policies. This will reduce the amount of toxicity between freshmen on North Campus, as explained by Cornell Professor Karen Levy in the NYT here:
  2. Sustainability: As an E&S major, I am extremely passionate about protecting our environment. Unfortunately, the necessity of takeout dining has created an extreme amount of waste. If elected, I will work with Cornell Dining to introduce compost and recycling bins near the dining halls. I hope to eventually transition to compostable plastic so that everything can simply be thrown into one bin.
Follow @kionforsa on Instagram for election and campaign updates! I’m eager to hear about anything else YOU feel needs to change, so don’t hesitate to reach out at or by DMing @kionforsa on Instagram!
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Youhan Yuan
College of Arts and Sciences
Government and Computer Science
International Students Liaison At-Large
Hi, my friends! I'm Youhan, a junior in CAS from Nanjing, China. International students face unique difficulties on campus compared to their domestic peers.
Here are several things I would like to work on as international students representative:
1. Working with ISU, create safe spaces (like hilc) and expand their programs for international student on campus 
2. Ensure equal opportunity for international students across all social and economic background in financial opportunities
3. Include translations in emails to international students' parents
I believe every candidate will bring in their own experience in the office. I want to be the representative not only of the community that I'm most familiar with but also of everyone in the international student community. Feel free to contact me on We are all in it together!
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Tomás Reuning
College of Arts and Sciences
LGBTQIA+ Liaison At-Large
Hi! My name is Tomás Reuning, and I am running to remain as the LGBTQIA+ Liaison At Large. I am a junior studying English with minors in Latina/o Studies, Spanish, and Animal Science in the College of Arts & Sciences. As someone who is transmasculine, bi, and Latinx, I have always sought to serve and uplift my communities. As the LGBTQIA+ Liaison At Large, I hope to increase QTPOC visibility on campus, so that our needs and concerns are at the forefront of conversations about how we can improve Cornell. On a campus where too many are unwilling to put the needs of their communities over their professional reputations, I promise to always be vocal about what our community needs and deserves.
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Minority Students Liaison At-Large
Hi! My name is Valeria Valencia and I'm a sophomore in ILR. Being a first-generation low-income immigrant from Mexico, I understand the unique barriers that underrepresented minorities deal with on a daily basis at a campus like Cornell. As Minority Students Liaison At-Large, I hope to bridge the gap between minority students and Cornell administration. There are plenty of programs aimed at minority students, but these are mostly underused. By working with OADI and LSC, I hope to not only inform the community of these programs, but also expand them to better suit our needs. Often times, we find ourselves lost in the craziness that is Cornell, to help with that I hope to implement a peer mentoring program to match students with similar backgrounds and interests. With this position, I plan to work with on-campus organizations to collectively hear the needs of the community and work on finding solutions to our problems. I hope to amplify the voices of minority students here at Cornell, to make sure we are given a seat at the table. With your vote, I am confident I can improve the undergraduate experience for minority students here at Cornell while also fighting for the equality and representation that is long overdue. 
Selam Woldai
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Selam Woldai
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Minority Students Liaison At-Large
Hello! My name is Selam Woldai. I am currently a freshman studying Industrial and Labor Relations. I have always had a passion to aid the underrepresented communities, and try to show this through organizations on campus.  For example, as the Deputy Speaker and one of the original founding members of the Black Caucus I work with my talented peers to stand in solidarity and help the black community on campus.  If elected as Minority Students Liaison At-Large, I will make my goals oriented to accessibility. My main goal is to create an initiative to reuse BRBs. Under this, people would have the option to charge their BRBs to round up and put their change in a fund. This fund would be used by those without a meal plan or the fewest meal swipes in order to solve food insecurity on campus.  This is simply one of my ideas to bridge the gap between the minority voices on campus. If elected, I will make it my duty to be the needed voice.

Fall 2020 Student Assembly Students with Disabilities Representative candidate Raquel Zohar
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Students with Disabilities Representative
My name is Raquel Zohar and I am a sophomore in the ILR School. Growing up, I had a great deal of personal exposure to learning and cognitive disabilities. My sister was born under stressful conditions that left her in the hospital for the first month of her life fighting to survive. She gratefully did, but she has struggled with memory and learning disabilities since. She was never received well by her peers or accommodated by her teachers, and as I myself progressed through school, I struggled with the concepts of inclusion and accommodation. I looked for answers in a multitude of places. I worked with individuals with disabilities of all ages and socioeconomic standings in my hometown of Miami, Florida, with impoverished elementary school students with disabilities in Costa Rica, and with homeless teens with disabilities in Peru. Across my work in those corners of the world, I came to realize that while society’s barriers are persistent, they are nothing one cannot overcome, and for students with disabilities, accommodations are not an advantage—they are vital. I hope to complement existing systems and services and serve as a reliable liaison in becoming your next Students with Disabilities Representative At-Large.

Fall 2020 Student Assembly Candidate Alexis Anderson
College of Arts and Sciences
Environment and Sustainability
Transfer Representative
Hi! I'm Alexis, and I am running to be your transfer representative. I have only been in Ithaca for a little while, but I have already found some amazing people. One of my roommates encouraged me to run because I had certain goals in mind on how to improve the transfer process. Whether it be working on the administrative side of the transfer process to create an easier transition to Cornell or working on how to become integrated into Cornell culture, I would like to improve the transfer experience. Specifically, I want to create a questionnaire to pair you with an immediate advisor upon your admittance to answer any specific questions you may have that the registrar can't answer. Secondly, once the pandemic is under control, I would like to host a transfer cookout (with vegetarian/vegan options as well) in order for all transfer students to meet each other in a relaxed environment. Thirdly, I would like to create a transfer web site that compares on and off campus housing, includes a sign up page for personal campus tours, and an explanation page of all the Cornell nicknames. Like what is nasties? I made the right choice to transfer, and I hope to make our time at Cornell the best it can be. Don't be reckless and vote for Alexis!
Troy Bailey
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Transfer Representative candidate Troy Bailey
Dyson School of Business
Applied Economics and Management
Transfer Representative
I’m Troy Bailey and am running for the Transfer Representative position. I’m a sophomore from Seattle, and I transferred from Pomona College into the Dyson School, where I plan to concentrate in International Trade in Development. Cornell has the biggest transfer community of the Ivy League, so it is imperative that our opinions and interests are voiced properly.  My goal is to make your transition seamless, alleviate your concerns, and make sure you feel like Cornell is the home you wanted it to be when you applied. I look forward to meeting with you and hearing how you want your voice to be heard on campus.
Kayla Bakhshi
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Transfer Representative candidate Kayla Bakhshi
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Transfer Representative
Transferring is not an easy decision. A transfer student is choosing to leave behind a life they made for themselves at another school and completely start over, and that is no easy task. As transfer representative, I want to give every transfer a voice because not only do we have a right to one but we have earned one. As transfers, we should strive for success, and I plan on making sure that everyone achieves their goals. Voting for me is a vote for reaching your potential and succeeding within your new environment. I want to ensure that workshops, mentors, and research opportunities are put aside solely for transfers along with more efforts to create a social community within us. There should be more social gatherings created for transfers to meet one another and our professors because the transfer community should feel like a family. I transferred to Cornell because it was always my dream to go here, and I want to achieve that dream with every single one of you by my side.
Paul Havern
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Transfer Representative candidate Paul Havern
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Transfer Representative
Greetings classmates of Zoom University (oops! I mean Cornell)! This entire year has throw us for a loop, and we would all appreciate a straightforward, clear path of our future. While I may be unable to provide all aspects of that path to you, I can present to you my goals as your transfer representative:
  • ENSURE a welcoming, exciting transition for transfer students through multiple campus events
  • STRIVE to create a better and more environmentally sustainable Cornell
  • FIGHT for the marginalized students by combating stigma and hatred
  • COLLABORATE with Greek life so as to promote a healthy and safe community for Cornell students to thrive To those that have truthfully read this far: Cornell is Cornell because of you.
Our dedication, diligence, and desire to DO will change this world. Take a step toward a better future for us all by electing me, Paul Havern, as your transfer representative. I guarantee you that I will bring my absolute best to this position. For any questions or comments, please reach out to me at my email.
Frank Lexa
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Transfer Representative candidate Frank Lexa
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Transfer Representative
Hello Cornellians! My name is Frank Lexa, and I am running to be your transfer representative because I believe, now more than ever, it is essential to foster a sense of community for Cornell’s transfer students. As your transfer representative, I will focus on creating safe, socially-distanced opportunities for Cornell’s transfer class to build meaningful friendships, despite the complications of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, to protect our ability to remain on campus this fall, I will advocate for adequate enforcement of the Behavioral Compact, as well as severe consequences for those who jeopardize our ability to enjoy all that Cornell’s campus has to offer. Lastly, I will support the safe and controlled reopening of Cornell’s libraries and fitness centers, as our physical and mental well-being requires. If you elect me to serve as your representative, I will fight to make sure that we have safe opportunities to build meaningful, lasting connections with each other, as well as ensure the mental and physical well-being of every Cornell student. Together, we can make this fall semester a rewarding and unforgettable experience!
Kate Santacruz
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Transfer Representative candidate Kate Santacruz
Dyson School of Business
Applied Economics and Management
Transfer Representative
The students at Cornell are the future of this country. 
An investment in our education is an investment in the future and it is on this basis that I am very excited to unveil my platform.
As the next Transfer Representative, I plan to:
  1. Ensure transparency between the Student Assembly and Student Body 
  2. Promote a smooth transition into the University - regardless of program or academic department 
  3. Expand Mental Health Resources 
  4. Create a stronger, more united Student Assembly across all Cornell campuses 
  5. Improve safety on/off campus 
  6. Increase student study rooms - laptops/computers 
  7. Advocate on behalf of all transfer students via resolutions/initiatives
As a transfer, I understand the difficulties of transitioning into a new institution. Especially in the environment we are living in today where most of our student services and academics have moved to remote operations.
The concerns that I have outlined unites all students regardless of their background, national origin, or citizenship status. There are significant challenges posed in our student life as a transfer and it will be my focus to tackle them.
You all deserve leaders who will fight for you, listen to you, and collaborate with you and that is exactly what I plan to deliver.
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Katarina Bentley
College of Human Ecology
Human Development with a minor in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Womxn's Issues Liaison At-Large
Hi everyone! My name is Katarina Bentley, I am running for the Womxn’s Issues Liaison position. As a child of a family where traditional heteronormative gender roles were completely reversed, I was raised with the ideals of acceptance and inclusivity which I continue to promote today.   I held leadership positions including, Junior Class President and Student Body President while at a public high school. These experiences allowed me to understand the importance of serving all members of the student body, most importantly those traditionally underrepresented in government.  
My platform as Womxn’s Issues Liaison includes but is not limited to:  
  • improve safety for all Cornellians when walking between their place of residence and libraries, Collegetown, or houses within the greek system - especially at night.
  • improve access to sex education that is nonbinary and all-inclusive.  
  • ensure that all members of the Cornell community know that their voice is represented on the Student Assembly. 
Recently, this position was changed from the “Women’s Issues Liaison” to the “Womxn’s Issues Liaison”. I embrace this name change as a step toward recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  

Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Dillon Anadkat
College of Arts and Sciences
My fellow Cornellians, 
My platform aims to modernise our university to align more with our values as students today. My primary objective is to mount pressure on the university administration to reverse the recent Greek life reforms. At the beginning of the school year I did not intend to pursue elected office on campus, but Cornell faces incredible challenges this year, and the solutions offered thus far are well-intended but miss the mark. Real reforms are made in consultation with students and Greek leaders. These reforms should be reviewed and adjusted so as they adequately address real issues, while preserving Greek life on our campus so students can continue reap its benefits.   We must work to make Cornell a more environmentally friendly campus. I believe that more financial aid should be distributed to students in need. I want us to work in closer consultation with minority groups and organisations on campus. Let’s push for better access to mental health resources. We should request a full review of Cornell’s endowment to ensure that it is being disbursed and invested wisely. If elected president I shall push for these things. I urge you to reflect on what matters to you, and to make the right decision by voting for me. 
Uchenna Chukwukere
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Uchenna Chukwukere
College of Arts and Sciences
Biological Sciences and Chemistry
Hi! My name is Uche Chukwukere and I am a Senior in the College of Arts and Sciences.  I am running to become your next Student Assembly President!  
My platform consists of four major points: 
  • Crisis Response: Calling for the disarming, defunding, and disbanding of CUPD. Supporting the creation of a Student Honor Board or Alternative Justice Board and working with administration to ensure that ALL students are supported amidst the pandemic.
  • Accountability and Transparency: I will push for the reformation of the Professional and Social Greek systems, mandating diversity/cultural/inclusivity training of employees, faculty, and staff; a centralized reporting system for students to submit anonymous feedback about professors instituting unfair grading policies; and a Campus Code of Conduct that is rooted in educational rather than punitive measures.
  • Accessibility: I plan to work to institutionalize a financial plan to provide free menstrual products, abolish classist taxes such as the Student Contribution Fee, Laundry prices, expanding the Swipe Out Hunger Program, and providing a Matching program for the ACCESS Fund. Urging Cornell to reevaluate campus infrastructure to ensure that it is ADA compliant.
  • Equity: Pushing for the creation of more Gender Neutral Restrooms, covering the Student Health Plan under financial aid, pushing for Fossil Fuel Divestment and creation of sustainable campus infrastructure.
My fully fleshed out platform can be found on my website at !   Thank you!
Catherine Huang
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Catherine Huang
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Hi! My name is Cat Huang and I currently serve as the Executive Vice President of the SA. I’m running for President to continue advocating for your rights in the following areas: 
  1. Health and Safety: This includes addressing the COVID-19 health concerns that have been raised by students in quarantine, demanding equitable healthcare for our first-gen, DACA/undocumented, and our low income community, pushing for a review of the Student Health Insurance Plan, increased support for survivors in regards to new Title IX Policy, and disarming and defunding the CUPD.
  2. Equity and Accessibility: I will create a centralized resource bank so students can access resources for food insecurity, academic support, mental health support, and financial aid. I promise to continue my work in housing reform to push for affordable housing, free laundry, and creating a mutual aid/access fund for off campus housing payments.
  3. Sustainability: I will advocate for an administrative recommitment to Carbon Neutrality by 2030, increased dining hall sustainability, and push for renovation and construction plans that are carbon neutral, climate smart, and centered around clean energy.
 You can read more about my work and the future I envision for SA at
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Noah Watson
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
International Agriculture and Rural Development
Executive Vice President
Hi! I’m Noah Watson and I’m running for Executive Vice President. I currently serve as the Transfer Representative on the SA and co-chair the Housing Policy Review committee. I’m running for EVP because I want to make our campus more accessible and inclusive for all Cornellians. 
As your EVP, I will continue working in three areas: 
1. AFFORDABILITY — Cornell should not be profiting off its students. I will fight to abolish the Student Contribution Fee, reduce the price of laundry services, and expand financial aid for all students. I will also advocate to increase funding for textbook loan services and the Students Helping Students Fund. 
 2. HOUSING — I will push to institutionalize fair and equitable housing policies for all Cornell students. This includes reworking pricing policies, guaranteeing housing for transfers, reducing program house fees, and recognizing co-op events. 
3. ACCESSIBILITY — I want Cornell to work for all students, and I believe this begins with an accessible and inclusive governing body.
As EVP, I will make sure the SA properly represents the strength and diversity of all communities on campus.  See more about my current work and future plans @ #WinWithWatson—Vote Noah for EVP!

Fall 2020 Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly Candidate Avery Bower
College of Arts and Sciences
Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly
My name is Avery Bower and I’m a 2nd year from Syracuse majoring in Government in CAS. I am running for UA because it is clear that Cornell’s institutions lack accountability. The SA has been plagued by bullying and misconduct, harming students. If elected, I’ll introduce oversight reforms that will ensure the recent misappropriation of student funds will not happen again. Cornell’s pandemic response lacks real accountability. Like too many students, my financial aid did not arrive before tuition was due. It is simply unacceptable for the University to delay their awards. In the UA, I will introduce a deadline for financial aid awards and remove late fees for tuition payments. Despite Cornell encouraging us to seek spiritual support, it has failed to provide any. Students at Cornell have been unable to worship on campus. I will promote access to local religious services for students of all faiths and in-person and tele-health mental health resources. I’ll work towards freezing tuition for the duration of the pandemic, distributing sufficient provisions of PPE for all students, ensuring access to mental and spiritual health services, and increasing University transparency for decisions regarding our financial and physical needs.
Jacob Feit (seated Spring 2020)
Spring 2020 Student Assembly candidate Jacob Feit
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Environment and Sustainability (Environmental Policy and Governance)
Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly
I'm honored to have represented the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences this past academic year. I've seen the power of student's voices to envoke change through serving on the Student Assembly, the Infrastructure and Research & Accountability Committees, and the Hearing and Review Boards.  I adamantly believe in bringing all students to the table, and as an Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly, that will be my #1 priority.   I'm running to represent those who feel they don't have a voice. Socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, (dis)ability, and/or religion should never deny students' right to achieve their potential. The student body needs a bold leader to take on archaic policies, systemic institutions of discrimination, and continued negligence. It's time to be the University "where ANY PERSON can find instruction in any study"... AND THRIVE.  It's time we eliminate the archaic, potential-binding Student Contribution Fee, which continues to solidify cycles of poverty. It's time we fully divest from fossil fuels and use the monetary surplus gained from a renewable energy investment to ensure no student goes hungry, to provide cheaper, accessible mental healthcare, & fix housing.
Erik Kirakosyan
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly candidate Erik Kirakosyan
College of Arts and Sciences
Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly
One of my most memorable experiences from last year was a general chemistry lecture. Each day, our professor would spend ten minutes tossing a beanbag at people and having a conversation with them. In his words, he wanted to ensure that no one felt anxious about participating, as discussions facilitated understanding. I am running to be your Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly on this basis of communication and accessibility.
No shared governance functions unless members speak up and contribute new ideas. This means electing representatives who will bring new perspectives that challenge the modus operandi. As a transfer student who served as a UA rep and as Freshman Class Council President at my previous university, I can bring such novelty to the assembly. Further, undergraduates are tired of student leaders who make bold promises to get elected and come up short. I’ll follow through—that’s my promise to you :) 
  • Weekly meeting with constituents to hear concerns & ideas
  • University-funded “One Tree Per Graduate” program
  • Protect breaks in the case of a truncated spring semester (for mental wellness)
  • Free university-based rideshare modeled on other institutions
  • “Any Person, Any Study”: Establish Cornell OpenCourseWare
Jude Martini
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly candidate Jude Martini
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly
This semester feels different. Many of you have headaches from staring at a computer screen for hours. Maybe being inside all day or a lack of exercise has caused a sense of cabin fever. Mix-in a lack of social interactions, and you have the perfect recipe for an unhealthy atmosphere and an unpleasant semester.
My name is Jude Martini, and I am a junior in ILR. I am running for this position on behalf of every student who feels the pressure of the semester starting to weigh them down. Cornell already carried a level of academic stress unparalleled to any other university. There is no reason for you to also face an increased strain on your mental, physical, and social well-being. My experience as the transfer representative for ILR’s Student Government Association and as an ILR peer mentor has taught me how to help people transition to new situations. I now wish to help you adjust to this virtual semester and make it as enjoyable as possible.
As a wise band once said, “Hey Jude, don't make it bad/Take a sad song and make it better.” I live by these words, and I hope you will allow me to change your experience for the better.
Bennett Sherr
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly candidate Bennett Sherr
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly
Hello Undergrads! My name is Bennett Sherr (He/Him/His) and I am a senior in ILR from Princeton, NJ. I am running for University Assembly because I have become frustrated with the administration’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and overall costs associated with attending this institution. It is clear to me and many others that the administration continually puts its bottom line over the health, wellbeing, and academic success of the student body. Cornell continues to increase the cost of tuition despite the financial uncertainty facing many students. In addition, Cornell continues to charge students on full financial aid through the student contribution fee and university healthcare. These policies act as a direct financial barrier between students and their total academic, social, and emotional success. If elected your Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly, I will work towards eliminating the student contribution fee, guaranteeing free healthcare to all students, freezing any and all tuition increases during the duration of the pandemic, increasing access to PPE for students, and a partial tuition refund that reflects the change in student's quality of life and education.
Peter Wenger
Fall 2020 Student Assembly Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly candidate Peter Wenger
College of Arts and Sciences
Undergraduate Representative to the University Assembly
“This is an uncertain time for us all.” “We simply don’t have the information.” “This is uncharted territory.” I cannot count the number of times I have heard these statements in my first two weeks of college. I’m tired of these nebulous excuses, and I know I’m not the only one. Hi, my name is Peter Wenger and I’m running to be your undergraduate representative to demand clear directives and concrete answers from Cornell leadership. I believe that a university campus works best when there is complete transparency between the people who run the school and the people who fund it — us! As your undergraduate representative, I will be your voice in the decisions that matter and fight for information such as at what point the University would send students home. My tenure as undergraduate representative will simply be focused on two things: holding Cornell accountable for the transparency that we were promised and making sure that the University always has the best interests of their students in mind. The Cornell undergraduate student body shouldn’t have their college experience or health and safety compromised simply due to a lack of effective communication. And I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen.