Employee Assembly Panel Discussion - Employee Education Benefits

The Employee Assembly hosted a Panel Discussion on Employee Education Benefits on Thursday, 1/21 from 12:00-1:00PM (EST) to discuss available education benefits and opportunities for staff.
Panelists included Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Mary Opperman, and representatives from CULearn, the Employee Degree Program, the School of Continuing Education and eCornell:
  • Kathy Burkgren, Associate Vice President, Organizational Development and Effectiveness
  • Paul Krause, Vice Provost, External Education, eCornell
  • Michelle LaFave, Benefits Associate, Employee Degree Program, Health and Welfare Benefit Programs
  • Annalisa Raymer, Director, Community Learning and Service Partnership (CLASP)
  • Emily Ivory, Registrar and Student Services Manager, School of Continuing Education
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