Resolution 12: GPSA R12: Addressing the ITAP and University Policy 1.3

TermAY 2020-2021
AssemblyGraduate and Professional Student Assembly
StatusCommittee Review
AbstractThis resolution aims to address and remedy the issues identified in Objective 2 of the International Students section of the Graduate and Professional Community Initiative (“GPCI”). As confirmed by a graduate and professional student-wide survey and in meetings of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (“GPSA”), certain demographics of students are targeted by a University-wide program called International TA Program (“ITAP”), which has consistently overstepped its authorities, interfered with funding and grants, and at times caused undue stress and pressure on students. The GPSA resolves to acknowledge these issues, and, in addition, demands that the University Provost and President form a working group involving stakeholders to reform the ITAP per the suggestions presented in this resolution.
Resolution FilePDF icon gpsa_r12_addressing_the_itap_and_university_policy_1.3.pdf
Supporting Documents
TitleGPSA R12: Addressing the ITAP and University Policy 1.3
Sponsors Nikola Danev (nd398), Kavya Krishnan (kk798), Liz Davis-Frost (ed466), Christine E Ohenewah (ceo63)
Reviewing CommitteeGraduate and Professional Student Assembly Executive Committee

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
02/15/2021 Introduced to the Assembly view
02/15/2021 Referred to Committee view

Associated Meetings

Meeting Date View Details
Cornell University - Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Meeting 02/15/2021 5:30pm to 7:00pm view


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