Resolution 20: SA R20: Amendments to Article IV of the Charter

TermAY 2023-2024
AssemblyStudent Assembly
StatusSubmitted to the President
AbstractThis resolutions amends Article IV of the Charter to revise and modernize language on aspects of the membership of the Assembly.
Resolution FilePDF icon as_adopted_resolution_20_amendments_to_article_iv_of_the_charter.pdf
Supporting Documents
TitleSA R20: Amendments to Article IV of the Charter
Sponsors Clyde Lederman (cl2349), Nicholas Maggard (nm557), Agnes Coleman (aac226)
Reviewing Committee

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
09/07/2023 Introduced to the Assembly view
09/21/2023 Adopted by the Assembly view
10/05/2023 Conveyed to the President view

Associated Meetings

Meeting Date View Details
Cornell University - Student Assembly Meeting 09/14/2023 4:45pm to 6:30pm view


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