The Student Assembly is charged with examining matters of interest to the undergraduate student community, and making proposals to the appropriate officers or decision-making bodies of the University.

The SA represents the undergraduate student population with an elected body of twenty members, and deals with quality of life issues relating to undergraduate students, making sure that student issues are heard and addressed. The assembly has legislative authority over the policies of the Office of the Dean of Students and the Department of Campus Life, and establishes the undergraduate Student Activity Fee and guidelines for its distribution. Meetings are open to the public. Attend in person or join via Zoom.  

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Cornell University - Student Assembly

05/07/2020 4:45pm

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Office of Student Government Relations

Creation of the Office of Student Government Relations, which includes three branches: (1) City and Local Relations (currently the City and Local Affairs Committee of the Student Assembly), (2) State Government Relations, (3) Federal Government Relations. 

The Office of Student Government Relations can be reached via email at

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Office of the Student Advocate

These amendments to the Student Assembly Bylaws seek to create an Office of the Student Advocate. 

The Office of the Student Advocate can be reached via email at

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Student Assembly Diversity Committee

Collects ideas, issues and concerns in the area of diversity and inclusion; works on implementable related policies. Implements United Student Body and subsequently reviews it during the process of implementation.

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