Student Assembly Candidate Profiles - Fall 2019 Election

Candidates for the 4 Freshman Representative seats

Candidates for the College of Arts and Sciences seat

Candidates in Uncontested Races -Seated as Student Assembly members (LGBTQ Liaison At-Large; College of Architecture, Art & Planning; Transfer Representative)

Salima Ali
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Freshman Representative
Hello! I'm Salima Ali and I am running to be YOUR Freshman Representative! As the former Student Union President of my high school, I have the skills to improve YOUR Cornell experience. If elected, I will work on:
  • Communication: I will use an accessible Google Form so you can contact me with me any concerns or recommendations. Additionally, it's frustrating when you miss out on an event or opportunity because you didn't get the information. Therefore, I promise to update you with endless opportunities Cornell offers: from internships and networking opportunities to exciting events on campus and in Ithaca.
  • Finance: While Cornell offers an extraordinary experience, it also places a financial burden on many students. I will work with the University to use funds to alleviate some financial burdens. For example, allocating a laundry fund to each student.
  • Diversity: Ezra Cornell founded this university on the words "Any Person, Any Study" making it imperative that everyone have equal opportunities. This can be achieved through sharing diverse opinions. I plan to contact and hear from constituents of every race, sexuality and gender to make sure everyone is accounted for.

Remember, class of 2023, a vote for Salima Ali is key!

Ansel Asch
College of Arts and Sciences
Freshman Representative
I’ve been here for about a month, but I’ve already got a big question: is my tuition not enough? We are constantly bombarded with various fees and costs, which really add up. This is especially challenging for students who are not economically advantaged and runs counter to the “any person” part of “any person, any study.” If elected, I will work to make Cornell a more affordable place to be.
  1. Free laundry: We have the most expensive laundry in the Ivy League. It’s not right to charge for such a basic need.
  2. Fixing club funding: The current club funding system needs lots of reform, and I will work to make sure your money is properly spent.
  3. Printing: The Student Assembly has fought for free printing for years. Soon, we'll get 200 sheets a year, and I want to continue that fight.
I know that I can get this done, because I have experience that matters. As the leader of my high school Student Government, I oversaw $60,000 dollars in club funding, represented the students to the administration, organized a nationally televised American Idol homecoming visit, and more.

To be the best possible representative, I want to talk with you! Reach out to me at If elected, I will always be available to talk with you!


Morgan Hope Baker
College of Arts and Sciences
Government, Economics
Freshman Representative
Hi! I'm Morgan Baker, and I’m in CAS running for Freshman Representative of the Student Assembly. I believe that I can make your college experience more enjoyable as your representative. My platform consists of five pillars.
  1. Improving Campus Lighting: Cornell’s Repair and Maintenance Department should improve lighting to preserve student safety after dark. On the slope and elsewhere, I will work to light up the campus.
  2. Expanding Meal Plan Flexibility: I want to expand the existing program Swipe Out Hunger to allow students to transfer more unused swipes per semester to students who can’t afford a meal plan.
  3. Renovating Dorm Utilities: I want to ensure that dorm common areas such as hallways and bathrooms are pest-free and sanitary. I will push for the renovation of some of the oldest elevators.
  4. Establishing Respectful Construction: I want all students to enjoy a good night's sleep without interruption from early-morning construction. I will work to improve student rights with construction noise.
  5. Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion: I want every Cornellian to feel comfortable to voice their opinions. I will work to ensure that multicultural groups get the attention and assistance they deserve.
Reach out at!
Cristian Carranza
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Biological Sciences
Freshman Representative
Hello! My name is Cristian Carranza and I’m thrilled to be running for Freshman Representative! My platform is threefold:
  1. Mental Health - For many incoming students, Cornell can be a drastic change and pose immense academic and social challenges. For freshman, I would advocate for 2 free 50-minute sessions that can be used any time during the first year, be it one week into the school year when you’re missing home or during prelim season when you’re questioning how you even got in.
  2. Student Safety - College can be an exciting time for young adults, but it’s important that we take care of ourselves. For this reason, I would push for increased access to contraceptives within dormitories as well as free tampons in women’s restrooms.
  3. Improved Services - Printing and laundry seem to be prime examples of lackluster service here at Cornell. If elected, I will fight to keep Cornell’s newest free/reduced-cost printing initiative in place and rally for a reduction in laundry costs.
Ultimately, I hope to work towards providing solutions to the many problems we must face as a collective. That said, if you have any questions, input, or would just like to make a friend - please don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s make this a great year!


Pranjal Jain
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial Labor Relations
Freshman Representative
Hi! My name is Pranjal Jain and I’m majoring in ILR. I am so excited to run for your freshman rep! I have always believed in the power of community, and if elected, I aim to amplify your voices and invest in our collective success. Here’s how:
  1. Increase Inclusion and Acceptance - acceptance goes hand in hand with accessibility. I aim to make all the events on campus accessible by creating an online space for them to all be displayed.
  2. Tackle It All - with a hands-on, organized, and well-planned approach, I believe we can work hard to improve what matters most to you - from advocating for mindful construction to making sure we never run out of forks at RPCC.
  3. Prioritize YOU - more than anything, I believe in the power of voice. I want to hear yours and I want to uplift it. If elected, I would love to institute coffee sessions where we can build friendship and support each other’s wellbeing. I also plan to set up a hotline number so that you can text your suggestions for improvement to me whenever you want.
If you have any questions (or just want to hang) email me, pj94 or DM me on IG @pranjalljain. We’re PranjALL in this together!


Samuel Kim
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial Labor Relations
Freshman Representative
I'm Sam Kim. I'm a first-year, ILR student and I'm running to be YOUR freshman rep! Here are my 4 points and 4 NO's.
  1. MORE MONEY - Forming an SA committee to help student organizations get more funding from outside organizations and the NY state legislature.
  2. BETTER BUILDS - Building up both big (campus stairs) and small (hand dryers) projects done! Working with Engineering students on an improved transit app for students!
  3. PEOPLE POWER - Holding regular "meet and greets" with YOU! All questions and concerns welcome.
  4. LIFE MENTORING - Helping freshmen connect with upperclassmen to talk about life, academics, and future, through Cornell Health.
4 NO's!
  1. NO RAISED FEES - I promise to vote against any increase in the student activities fee.
  2. NO WASTE - I promise to make sure YOUR money goes to the 500+ organizations on campus! I will reduce SA costs as much as possible.
  3. NO HIDING - I promise to make myself available to YOU (via email, text, and/or meetings).
  4. NO NONSENSE - I promise to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD at every SA meeting and to put YOU at the center of our vision.
As a volunteer and school-safety advocate, I have always fought for my peers. I promise to fight FOR YOU.
The choice is yours...

Angelo LaRocca
School of Hotel Administration
Hotel Administration
Freshman Representative
Hello Class of ‘23! I’m Angelo, a Hotelie from Pennsylvania, or “P-A” as us Keystoners affectionately call it. It was wonderful meeting so many of you during petitioning, and hearing from you firsthand on the issues that matter most. Based on those interactions, I will be fully supporting the following two positions:
  1. A university-wide overhaul to the current lack of printing availability on campus. Printing should be accessible and free/affordable to all students! Moreover, I feel that all North Campus residence halls should have printing available right in-house! I am happy to work with both the Student Assembly and administration to get results on this issue that is one of your biggest concerns.
  2. Returning soda options to the dining halls, and improving the overall food quality/variety of the North Campus halls to that of West Campus.
  3. [Your Issue Here]
The above are achievable goals. If elected, I’m willing to do everything in my power to get results on these issues for you. As a further matter, I want to hear from you about number 3 in the list! I’d love to discuss any concerns you have, or just talk about how to make your Cornell experience better. Meet me for lunch or dinner any time, No Questions Asked!  :)
Liam Ordonez
College of Human Ecology
Human Development
Freshman Representative
Hey everyone, my name is Liam Ordonez and I'm from Sarasota, Florida. I'm running for Freshman Representative and my platform is as follows:
  1. Amplify voices:As a diverse freshman class with 49% students of color, our voices need to be celebrated through an effective communication system. As Freshman Representative, I will create a platform that will give every student at Cornell University an opportunity to have their voice be heard. By establishing and maintaining an active social media account, Student Assembly will hear your voice! With this active platform, students will have the ability to express their concerns, ideas, or potential questions directly and more efficiently.
  2. Quality Amenities: If we truly want to call Cornell our home, we need basic improvements to ensure our quality of life! By instilling a better laundry maintenance system, introducing softer toilet paper, enforcing pest control, and reducing gym memberships, I will take essential steps in making Cornell feel more like home.
  3. Used Textbook Program: In order to save the most money on textbooks, I would implement a program where students can sell their used textbooks.
It’s time that we bring change to campus. Remember, don’t be a bum vote for @lee.yum_
Rory Sheppard
College of Arts and Sciences
Freshman Representative
My ultimate goal for running for this position is to be a successful Freshman Representative. I believe I have what it takes to do just that and with your vote, we will be able to fulfill needs effectively. However, some background is necessary. I’m from New York, majoring in Economics in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Before the election, I’d like you to know that I am the first person in my family to attend college. I think that that’s an important factor in your decision because it reflects how I can learn from all of you, as I do every day with no previous exposure to college life, as I represent you in the Student Assembly.
Why should you vote for me?
  • Previous leadership experience as President of my high school policy debate team.
  • NO experience in student council. Why is that a reason? So many of us are trying new things at Cornell and I want to do something I’ve never done before.
  • I will be vocal about the issues you care about with frequent community polls on the needs of freshmen.
  • Do whatever I can, to lower costs that you feel are unfair.
Still on the fence? Reach out. I want you to feel heard. My NetID is RPS238 so if you’re having trouble figuring out who to vote for or have a question, email me!


Sarah Sun
SE Johnson College of Business
Applied Economics and Management
Freshman Representative
Hello! My name is Sarah Sun, I’m from Salt Lake City, UT, and I am thrilled to be running for Freshman Representative!
My primary aim is to cultivate an environment where students can fully engage with the resources Cornell has to offer. As your representative, I will work to:
  1. Expand Dining Accessibility: Firstly, I would promote constructive dialogue about the price structure of on-campus dining to determine what can be done to increase affordability. I would also work to expand campus dining so that meal swipes are more widely accepted.
  2. Expand Academic Accessibility: I would increase convenient access to printing by acquiring printers for all North Campus residence halls. When it comes to textbooks, I would initiate dialogue with faculty and administrators to ensure that professors are being financially conscientious of their students.
  3. Be Accessible: Whether your concerns are academic, professional, or personal, I guarantee that I will always be willing to listen and lend a helping hand. I would hold regular office hours so I can be a platform for students to voice any concerns that will arise. You are always welcome to contact me via social media or email.
Instagram: sarahsun00                     
Selam Woldai
School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations
Freshman Representative
Hello Class of 2023! My name is Selam Woldai and I want to be your Freshman Representative. Throughout high school I was student council president, pursuing my passion to help those in need. I want to represent you because as freshman, we deserve to be heard! I have goals for the academic year including:
  1. Easing the Transition: The transition to college is nerve-wrecking. It consists of anxiety, homesickness, and even loneliness. I want you to know that you are not alone in this journey. Because of this, I plan on hosting biweekly panels with a diverse group of upperclassmen explaining to us freshmen how they were able to get through their first year at Cornell.
  2. Awareness and Diversity: One of the most beautiful aspects of Cornell is the diverse campus. Each person has their own unique background and perspectives, which can be so insightful. If elected I hope to create several support groups that will work together to aid the diverse student body socially, academically and mentally.
Lastly, I represent YOU! I want to acknowledge every voice as there is no issue too small! If you ever have any question or request, you can contact me via
Selene Xu
College of Human Ecology
Policy Analysis and Management
Freshman Representative
Hello! My name is Selene Xu and I am running to serve as your Freshman Representative! I major in Policy Analysis and Management and was an active member in social service and student government in high school. I genuinely hope to bring better student service to everyone at Cornell. My current primary goals in student assembly are:
  1. Provide better bus service and direction guidance to buildings and classrooms - avoiding getting lost and saving time on traffic are so important in such a huge campus! I will work to make students find their places easier as well as save cost and time when using bus service.
  2. Support diversity and promote individual guidance for students with different background and goals - I love to meet people with diverse thoughts and identities. I love to hear every single person’s voice and need. I will work to increase personal guidance on course choices, career service, mental health for all students.
  3. Create better emergency service - Ever be in the situation of forgetting bringing your key in the midnight? Or just need a person to solve a simple question or just to talk with? I will work to always make sure students have hope and methods in certain emergent circumstances.

Anson Yip
College of Arts and Sciences
Freshman Representative

It is with great pleasure, passion, and honor that I submit my application to run for and serve on the Student Assembly as a Freshmen Representative. As a member of the SA, I hope to improve the quality of life on campus. You can always reach me with your concerns as I am and will always be very approachable. Those that know me well can attest to the fact that I never have and never will turn away pleas for help and will always try my best to assist in any way I can. As a first-generation college student and an immigrant to this country as well as having English as my second language, struggles and obstacles are no strangers to me. I am not averse to hardships and will fight tenaciously to get things done. I will advocate for organizing more fun social events to connect us all together as our class is so big that intermingling between dorm buildings are so rare and I feel as though there are many lost opportunities there. (Plus, maybe add more forks at RPCC?... it’s always a hunt to find those elusive forks) And in the words of Ash Ketchum: “I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was.” Let’s Make Cornell Even Greater TOGETHER!


Jack Waxman
College of Arts and Sciences
Government & Neuroscience
College of Arts & Sciences Representative
Hi everyone! My name is Jack Waxman, and I am a sophomore in A&S studying Government and Neuroscience. I am on the Ultimate Frisbee team and serve on the Student Assembly Health & Wellness Committee. I am running to represent you because I believe I can make Cornell a healthier and happier place. I've had some great experiences in this field such as working on health policy for Senator Chuck Schumer, being a Youth Ambassador for American Cancer Society, working at the Kings County Hospital in NYC, interning with Chef Dan Barber at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and taking several government and public health courses at Cornell. These opportunities helped me develop a passion for making health fun and making government accessible to all people. If chosen for the Student Assembly, I will rely on these experiences to inform my thinking and I will learn from the senior members to help me do a better job. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about my campaign or just want to chat!
Youhan Yuan
College of Arts and Sciences
Government and Computer Science
College of Arts & Sciences Representative
My dear friends, my name is Youhan, a junior studying CS and Government in CAS. I’m running for the representative of the College of Arts and Sciences. Serving Academic Integrity Hearing Board of CAS, I have some first-hand experience in interacting with students and faculties. My platform focuses on three aspects:
  1. FINAL EXAM POLICY: Cornell has a final policy stating that “if a student has more than two exams in 24 hours, faculty members are urged to grant students for a makeup exam.” However, my friends would have exams at 2pm, 7pm, 2pm the second day, which doesn’t qualify for the policy. The policy aims to de-stress students, and I believe it could be made better. I want to extend the 24-hour policy into 30-hour so students have more time window to de-stress.
  2. PRELIM EXAM POLICY: I believe prelims and finals are the main sources of anxiety for Cornell students. I would like to apply the same policy for prelims as well: if a student has three prelims within 24-hour, a makeup exam should be offered.
  3. CAREER CENTER: I want to expand the career center in CAS to a) reduce wait time during recruiting season and b) increase resources available for international students.

Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact!


Tomás Reuning (seated)
College of Arts and Sciences
LGBTQ Representative
Hi! My name is Tomás Reuning, and I am running for the LGBTQ+ Liaison At Large position. I am a junior studying English with minors in Latina/o Studies, Spanish, and Animal Science in the College of Arts & Sciences. As someone who is transmasculine, bi, and Latinx, I have always sought to serve and uplift my communities. As the LGBTQ+ Liaison At Large, I hope to increase QTPOC visibility on campus, so that our needs and concerns are at the forefront of conversations about how we can improve Cornell. On a campus where too many are unwilling to put the needs of their communities over their professional reputations, I promise to always be vocal about what our community needs and deserves.
Aram Cass (seated)
College of Architecture, Art, and Planning
Urban and Regional Studies
College of Architecture, Art & Planning Representative
My name is Aram and I'm running to be your AAP Representative!  I know that since we're a small college and we're all very busy it can be hard for AAP students to be involved with Student Assembly.  However, our college has a strong and vibrant community of students supported by amazing staff and a multitude of resources, and there's no reason our voices can't be heard.  As your AAP Representative I will ensure that our students are always kept up to date on what's going on in the Student Assembly and always have a chance to voice their opinions.  My goal is not to speak for all of AAP, but to keep students informed and bring their thoughts and ideas back to the Assembly.  I will make sure that, with good and consistent communication, all AAP students feel represented and have a voice in the Assembly.  There are a number of things I will work towards if elected, such as an expansion of sustainability initiatives and greater efforts towards diversity and inclusion.  However, I want to work towards the issues that AAP students find most important, so my first priority will be to talk to students to find out what the community wants accomplished.  With your support, I hope to spend the next year bringing your ideas to our Assembly!
Noah Watson (seated)
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
International Agriculture and Rural Development
Transfer Representative
Hello fellow transfers! My name is Noah Watson and I am a new student transferring from Northwest University in Xi’an, China. I am running for SA Transfer Representative because I want to make the Cornell campus more accessible and inclusive for all current and future transfer students. As your transfer representative, I have three main goals:
  1. Community Development - I will continue traditions and create new programs to help students transition into the Cornell community. I will expand programming to include peer-mentoring with previous transfer students, so that new students can be prepared for academic transitions and fall recruitment. I will also revitalize spring-admit orientation to make mid-year transitions easier.
  2. Reasonable Housing - Many transfers lack of sense of community simply because of where they live. I promise to address the transfer housing crisis and advocate for those unsatisfied with their housing situations.
  3. Transparency in Financial Aid - I will work with the Financial Aid Review Committee to ensure that transfers are receiving equal treatment when being granted financial aid.
Vote Noah for transfer rep!