Election Results - Spring 2018 Student-Elected Trustee Election

Student-Elected Trustee Election Results

Spring 2018

Of 21,577 eligible voters, 2,634 students voted (12.21%)


Student-Elected Trustee

The following election was conducted via a ranked Hare System.

Method: IRV

Number of total ballots: 2634

Number of invalid or empty ballots: 17

Number of ballots used in the count: 2617

3 candidates running for 1 seat


Round 1 Tabulation

Manisha Munasinghe: 1178

Rebecca Harrison: 665

Tatiana Padilla: 774

Round 2 Tabulation

Manisha Munasinghe: 1460

Tatiana Padilla: 1017


Winner is Manisha Munasinghe

(count after all candidates were eliminated, and votes transferred)