Graduate & Professional Student Byline Funding

Understanding the Allocation of the Graduate & Professional Student Activity Fee

The Cornell University Board of Trustees charges the Graduate & Professional Student Assembly with proposing a student activity fee for the entire graduate and professional student body on a bi-yearly basis. The GPSA is also responsible for proposing how the fee will be distributed among student organizations on campus. The proposal must be approved by the University President and Board of Trustees. Nearly every student organizations on campus is funded through a “Byline” organization, or an organization that receives a direct portion of the student activity fee.

GPSAFC Funding Guidelines for Graduate Student Organizations

GPSA Committee Initiative Fund (AIF) Initiative Statement

2022-2024 Funding Cycle

Information on the 2022-2024 Byline Funding Cycle

2020–2022 Funding Cycle

2020-2022 Activity Fee GPSA Approved Allocation - Final

2020-2022 Activity Fee GPSA Approved Allocation - summary

The fee-setting process for the 2020–2022 Student Activity Fees began in February 2019. The fees for the 2020-2021 Academic Year and 2021-2022 Academic Year were set during the Fall 2019 semester.