The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly ensures direct and continued involvement of graduate and professional school students in the governance of non-academic affairs of the University.

The GPSA brings together Cornell’s community of graduate and professional students to address non-academic issues of common concern. Drawing upon the strengths of its diverse community, the GPSA is responsible for setting and distributing the graduate student activity fee and representatives to University committees. The GPSA is composed of delegates from each graduate field and the professional schools and nineteen voting members, elected from the larger body of field representatives.

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  • David Dunham

     David Dunham
    David Dunham President, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly; Field Representative - German Studies

    David Dunham is a PhD candidate in the department of German Studies, anticipating to graduate in 2021. From 2017-2019, David served as GPSA field representative for German Studies before pursuing a fellowship in Berlin during the 2019-2020 academic year. During his time at Cornell, David has also volunteered as a writing tutor at the English Language Support Office, which deepened his understanding of the issues that international students face today. His research focuses on the influence of medical case studies on literary small forms in the 18th century, and he is passionate about working at the intersection of the humanities and the history of science. As President, David intends to influence positive change in the Cornell community by advocating for the interests of all graduate students during the many challenges now affecting our campus and world.

  • Nikola Danev

     Nikola Danev
    Nikola Danev Executive Vice President, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly; Field Representative - Genetics, Genomics and Development

    Nikola Danev is a PhD student in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics in the field of Genetics, Genomics and Development. Before serving as Executive Vice President of the GPSA, Nikola was the field representative for his graduate field. An international student from the Republic of North Macedonia, Nikola has served as the International Student Representative at Columbia University, and as Chief Executive Officer of Columbia University Emergency Medical Service. Nikola's research interests include cell signaling and development. Besides being a New York State EMT, he is passionate about film photography and mixology. Feel free to reach out to him about any GPSA or non-GPSA topics.

  • Martik Chatterjee

     Martik Chatterjee
    Martik Chatterjee Vice President of Internal Operations, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly

    I am 4th year student in the field of Genetics, Genomics and Development. I am an international student from India. Before becoming Vice President for Internal Operations in GPSA, I was briefly the Student Advocacy Chair. I have been involved before with organising for Cornell Grad Students United. When not in lab thinking about butterfly wing color patterns, I am wondering how to make academia more equitable for international students and students from URM backgrounds and how to make conditions for academic workers better in terms of working conditions and opportunities.

  • Kavya Krishnan

     Kavya Krishnan
    Kavya Krishnan Vice President of Communications, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly

    Kavya Krishnan is a PhD candidate and a Tata-Cornell Institute Scholar in the Soil and Crop Sciences field. Her primary research interests are studying soil health – particularly its effects on food security. Kavya has been involved with the GPSA since her first year, first as a Field Representative followed by a Life Sciences Voting Member and then co-chair of the Diversity and International Students Committee. In her current position as the Vice-President of Communications, she is continuing to work on diversity and inclusion issues. Her work over the years has especially advocated for international students. Over her four years at Cornell University, she has also been involved with various other campus organizations and has advocated for students whenever she can.

  • Vacant Position - Counsel, GPSA

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