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Assembly Name: University Assembly

Res. No. Resolution Status Abstract Last Updated Assembly Name Term
4 Amending the University Assembly Bylaws In Discussion This resolution describes the relationship between the University President and the University Assembly with respect to the Bylaws of the University Assembly. 01/24/2023 5:00pm University Assembly AY 2022-2023
3 Revision of Codes and Judiciary Committee Responsibilites In Discussion This resolution revises the responsibilities of the Codes and Judiciary Committee and changes the name of the committee. 01/24/2023 5:00pm University Assembly AY 2022-2023
2 Requesting that the University Provide Funds for an MD Gynecologist at Cornell Health Submitted to the President The student health service at Cornell's Ithaca campus, Cornell Health, does not currently have an MD Gynecologist on staff, which impedes many students from receiving necessary gynecological care. This resolution requests that the university provide funding for Cornell Health to employ an MD Gynecologist who is able to diagnose and treat the most common gynecological issues in the student population, including chronic vulvovaginal conditions and pelvic pain conditions. 11/29/2022 6:00pm University Assembly AY 2022-2023
1 Updating the Charter of the Office of the University Ombuds Acknowledged by the President The University Ombuds Office is a confidential, independent, impartial, and informal resource available to students, staff, and faculty at the university to address conflicts, concerns, or other issues affecting their work, life, or study at Cornell. It offers a safe place to identify options for addressing individual situations. University practice since the 1969 establishment of the Office has been for its governing document to be approved by the “legislative body” of the University, currently the University Assembly. This resolution approves updates in the governing document, now named the Charter for the Office of the University Ombuds. 10/25/2022 5:00pm University Assembly AY 2022-2023