Cornell University - Employee Assembly

First Name Last Name NetID Uid Membership Type - Role
Jessica Townley jet239 14078 Voting Member - Geneva Campus Representative
Jamie Duong jd239 14073 Voting Member - School of Hotel Administration Representative
Rob Miegl rfm238 14072 Voting Member - Division of Alumni Affairs and Development Representative
Jackie Creque joc22 13913 Voting Member - College of Veterinary Medicine Representative
Susan Barry st237 13912 Voting Member - Retiree Representative At-Large (Shared Seat)
Emily Ivory eft24 13911 Voting Member - College of Engineering/Computer Information Sciences Representative
Ashley Miller amp87 13910 Voting Member - Division of Human Resources Representative
Mary Newhart mjn3 13909 Voting Member - College of Arts and Sciences Representative
Laura Taylor lbt1 13789 Voting Member - International Representative At-Large
Josh Cooley jmc274 13788 Voting Member - Representative At-Large
Rigel Lochner rfl67 13763 Voting Member - Health & Safety Representative At-Large
Jenn Michael jlm497 13762 Voting Member - College of Architecture, Art & Planning Representative
Brandon Fortenberry bf52 13761 Voting Member - Division of Student and Campus Life Representative
Brian Goodell btg2 13702 Voting Member - Representative At-Large
Polina Solovyeva ps938 13572 Ex-Officio Member - Student Assembly Liaison to the EA
Anthony McCabe atm78 13252 Assembly Manager - Vice Chair for Operations & Finance
Anthony McCabe atm78 13252 Voting Member - Facilities & Campus Services Representative
Kristopher Barth kb599 13100 Voting Member - Research & Technology Transfer Representative At-Large
Kate Supron kds95 13099 Voting Member - Division of University Relations Representative
David Hiner drh222 13096 Voting Member - LGBTQ+ Representative At-Large
Ellen Miller etm54 13095 Voting Member - Non-Exempt Employee Representative At-Large
Andrew Brooks ahb35 13092 Voting Member - Representative At-Large
Marcy Benda mb265 13080 Voting Member - Women's Representative At-Large
Anne Sieverding acs5 13079 Voting Member - School of Industrial & Labor Relations Representative
Karen LoParco kl285 13062 Voting Member - Parliamentarian
Karen LoParco kl285 13062 Voting Member - Graduate School, Law School, and Johnson School Representative
Craig Wiggers cww67 12936 Voting Member - Veteran's Representative At-Large
Tarek Chams tc633 12926 Voting Member - Exempt Employees Representative At-Large
Andrea Haenlin-Mott ah45 12895 Voting Member - Disability Representative At-Large
Adam Howell ah959 12892 Chair - Chair
Adam Howell ah959 12892 Voting Member - College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Representative
Catherine Tran cyt26 12707 Assembly Manager - Clerk of the Assembly
Hei Depew hhc48 12472 Voting Member - Executive Vice Chair
Hei Depew hhc48 12472 Voting Member - Less than 5 Years of Service Representative At-Large
Hurf Sheldon hts1 12457 Voting Member - Retiree Representative At-Large (Shared Seat)
Jessica Withers jeh268 12325 Voting Member - Library and Museum Representative
Carrie Sanzone cms92 12011 Voting Member - Representative At-Large
Carrie Sanzone cms92 12011 Voting Member - Vice Chair for Communications
Vacant Position Vacant 11893 Voting Member - Division of Financial Affairs Representative
Kristine Mahoney km285 11626 Voting Member - College of Human Ecology Representative
Jeramy Kruser jak474 11474 Ex-Officio Member - Employee-Elected Trustee
Gina Giambattista ggc9 11155 Ex-Officio Member - Director, Office of the Assemblies