One of the key points of entry into shared governance for students, staff and faculty is an election. Consider running for a seat on an assembly. Be a voice for your constituency.

The Student Assembly and the Employee Assembly conduct annual elections; the graduate students internally caucus while the professional schools appoint reprepentatives to the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly; and representatives on the University Assembly are elected or appointed by the constituent assemblies. There are two student-elected trustees (one undergraduate and one graduate or professional), one employee-elected trustee, and two faculty-trustees elected in staggered terms.

Annual Elections

  • Employee Assembly

    All staff members are eligible to run for one of 36 seats, representative of colleges, units and identity-based constituencies.

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  • Student Assembly Elections

    All registered undergraduates are eligible to run for election, and also to vote for your representatives. Elections are held annually in the spring and fall.

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  • Graduate and Professional Student Assembly

    Graduate and Professional Students are elected by their fields and caucus to elect voting members of the GPSA.

    Election Spring 2023
  • Constituent-Elected Trustees

    Cornell is one of relatively few institutions in the nation to allow its campus constituencies to directly elect representatives to its highest governing body. In alternating years with the graduate and professional students, an undergraduate will be elected by fellow students to serve as a full voting member on the Board of Trustees. Staff and faculty members are elected to four-year terms.

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Upcoming Elections

Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Election - Spring 2024

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Spring 2024 Faculty Elections

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Student Assembly Elections (Undergraduates)

All currently registered undergraduate students are eligible --and encouraged-- to run for positions on the Student Assembly and represent the student voice at Cornell.

Student-Elected Trustee Elections (Graduate/Professional)

The graduate and professional Student-Elected Trustee is elected in the spring of even years for a two-year term.