University Hearing and Review Boards (UHRB)

UHRB Emergency Student Appointments: Fall 2021-Spring 2022

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The University Hearing and Review Boards are the pool of students, staff, and faculty who serve on the panels that hear and review cases brought by the Office of the Judicial Administrator as part of the campus disciplinary process. These cases involve violations of the Campus Code of Conduct by members of the Cornell community.
General Introduction
Cornell entrusts the entire university community with the responsibility for maintaining, interpreting, and executing decisions based upon the Campus Code of Conduct.
One can view the Cornell community as dividing naturally into three constituencies: the students, the faculty, and the non-faculty employees. Each of these constituencies has representatives in the University Assembly (UA), which is the governing body that oversees the Campus Code. The UA works with the Codes and Judicial Committee (CJC) in interpreting and recommending revisions to the Campus Code.