The University Assembly examines matters which involve the interests of, or concerns the welfare of, a substantial segment of the University community, and makes recommendations to the appropriate officers or decision-making bodies of the University.  

With faculty, staff, undergraduates, and graduate or professional students appointed or elected by each of the shared governance bodies, the UA takes up issues of common interest to all members of the Cornell community. It has responsibility over the Campus Code of Conduct, is a stakeholder in major university policy initiatives, and works to establish and maintain open, effective, and efficient channels of communication between and amongst the community and university administration. The University Assembly must approve each appointment or reappointment by the President of the University to the following offices: the Judicial Administrator, the University Ombudsman, and the Judicial Codes Counselor.

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Actions on the floor

This resolution accepts the President's proposal to extend the term of the current Judicial Administrator by one year, during which a new re-appointment process will be developed.

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Bylaws Change Clarifying the Charge of the Codes & Judicial Committee

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Addressing Housekeeping Changes and Laying the Groundwork for a Holistic Evaluation of the Campus Code of Conduct

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Condemning Hate Crimes

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Hate Speech Working Group

The Hate Speech Working Group of the Codes & Judicial Committee is charged with engaging the Campus Community to draft specific language proposals for the Codes & Judicial Committee’s consideration regarding Hate Speech and its relationship to the Campus Code of Conduct. Such proposals may include new draft language for the Committee’s consideration, draft language for the modification of an existing Code provision (such as harassment), a proposal of no action, or other proposals that the work group reasonably believes will advance the discussion of this topic, including analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of proposed language, how they have defined the scope of Hate Speech, etc.

The HPWG’s meetings shall be open to the public and it shall report its progress to the Codes and Judicial Committee regularly and upon request. The Codes and Judicial Committee retains overall control and responsibility for the Working Group’s actions and may alter this charge by majority vote.

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University Assembly Codes and Judicial Committee

The Codes and Judicial Committee of the University Assembly reviews any proposed motions related to the Campus Code of Conduct, and assists in staffing the University Hearing and Review Boards. 

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University Assembly Campus Infrastructure Committee

Reviews and approves proposed motions related to: environmental impact and sustainability; information technology; transportation and commuter policies; and, any other topic deemed relevant to campus infrastructure by the University Assembly Executive Board.

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