Cornell University - Student Assembly Meeting

TermAY 2023-2024
Assembly/CommitteeCornell University - Student Assembly
Date03/28/2024 4:45pm
LocationMemorial Room, Willard Straight Hall // Zoom
AgendaPDF icon student_assembly_meeting_agenda_-_march_28_2024.pdf
Meeting PacketPDF icon sa_meeting_packet_3-28-24.pdf
Audio RecordingAudio icon sa_3-28-24.mp3

Associated Resolutions

Name Status Resolution Details
Resolution 70: SA R70: To Amend the Elections Calendar Adopted by the Assembly view
Resolution 71: SA R71: Collaboration with the GPSA on CSR and ESG Acknowledged by the President view
Resolution 72: SA R72: Funding the Global Action and Impact Association (GAIA) Tabled Indefinitely view
Resolution 69: SA R69: Authorizing the Transfer of Reserve Funds to OSGR Adopted by the Assembly view