Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Operations and Staffing Committee Meeting

TermAY 2018-2019
Assembly/CommitteeGraduate and Professional Student Assembly Operations and Staffing Committee
Date09/07/2018 12:30pm
Location221 Weill
  1. Gina presents about the role of the OA in assisting committee chairs
  2. Discussion of suggested changes to the Bylaws; the resolution must be introduced at Monday's GPSA meeting, but won't be passed that meeting. Here are the suggested changes so far:
    1. 3.03.G: add a line with “One graduate or professional student on the Orientation Planning Committee”
    2. 3.05.D: add a line such as “The chairperson must transfer access of historical documents and relevant information for the Appropriations chairperson to the next chairperson at the end of their term.”  
  3. Discussion of committee appointments as applicable. I (and Exec) have been working on making committee recommendations to individuals based on their response to the "topics of interest" section of the signup sheets last GPSA meeting (see this spreadsheet). We can formally appoint people who respond to my recommendation emails by Friday.
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