Resolution: SA R25: Expanding Ideological Diversity among Faculty Members

ActionRejected by the Assembly

By a vote of 10-11-1

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J. Berger, No; T. Celestin, No; N. Covanec, No; D. Cox, Yes; V. Devatha, Absent; E. Dzodzomenyo, Yes; R. Herz, Absent; A. Iglesias, Abstain; M. Indimine, No; A. Issur, No; N. Jaisinghani, Yes; M. Kasher, Absent; J. Kim, Yes; C. Lee, Absent; D. Li, Yes; L. Lipschutz, Yes; D. Liu, No; H. MacDiarmid, Yes; T. Magloire, No; M. McBride, Yes; J. Montejo, No; R. Musto, Yes; H. Reichel, No; W. Rong, Absent; J. Selig, Absent; M. Valadez, No; A. Viswanathan, Yes; R. Wang, No.