Resolution: UA R8: Recommendation for Revision of the Campus Code of Conduct

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Dear President Pollack:
I am pleased to convey to you resolution R8 passed yesterday by the University Assembly with strong support and only a couple of dissenting votes.  By this resolution, we are encouraging the University Counsel to combine aspects of both the recommendations of the current Codes and Judicial Committee draft and the Office of the Student Advocate draft as the next step towards finalizing a new Code of Conduct. The University Assembly appreciates your suggestion that the draft from the Counsel be available for public comment over this summer before a final vote by the Trustees in October.  We further ask that the University Assembly be given an opportunity to review and respond the final draft before approval by the Trustees.
As you know, many individuals have contributed to the effort to get us to where we are.  I particularly want to thank Madelyn Wessel and her staff, the members of the Codes and Judicial Committee, and the members of the Office of Student Advocate who brought us an alternative draft.  We all know that the Code is badly in need of reform, and I am confident that the Counsel's Office building on this work by others will produce a much improved Code that will much better serve the interests of the Cornell community.
With best regards,
Bob Howarth
Robert W. Howarth, Ph.D.
The David R. Atkinson Professor of Ecology
       & Environmental Biology; and
Chair, the University Assembly
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY  USA