Resolution 3: SA R3: Amending and Ratifying the Student Assembly Charter

TermAY 2020-2021
AssemblyStudent Assembly
StatusAdopted by the Assembly
AbstractThis resolution amends and ratifies the Student Assembly Charter. Notable amendments include the creation of the Dyson School of Business representative as well as the creation of an at-large seat reserved for candidates seeking to represent students with disabilities.
Resolution FilePDF icon s.a._resolution_3_-_amending_and_ratifying_the_student_assembly_charter.pdf
Supporting Documents
TitleSA R3: Amending and Ratifying the Student Assembly Charter
Sponsors Noah Watson (ncw47)
Reviewing CommitteeCornell University - Student Assembly

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
10/08/2020 Introduced to the Assembly view
10/08/2020 Adopted by the Assembly view
10/08/2020 Implemented view

Associated Meetings

Meeting Date View Details
Cornell University - Student Assembly Meeting 10/08/2020 4:45pm to 6:30pm view


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