Resolution 47: SA R47: ILR SA x SGA Relations

TermAY 2020-2021
AssemblyStudent Assembly
StatusAdopted by the Assembly
AbstractThis resolution aims to establish the formal and necessary connection between the ILR. Schools’ Student Government Organization (‘SGA’) and the ILR. School’s Student Assembly Representative. In summary, the ILR. School is the only college within the university that has procured an organization with the intellectual and legislative characteristics of the SGA. It should be noted, this organization is unique in the sense that it has developed into a focal point for student activity within the ILR. School: the entity formally in charge of facilitating ILR. student activity.
Resolution FilePDF icon sa_r47_-_ilr_sga_x_sa_relations.pdf
Supporting Documents
TitleSA R47: ILR SA x SGA Relations
Sponsors Lucas Gian Zumpano (lgz4), Catherine Huang (ch642), Daniel Roneil James (drj48), Jude Thaddeus Martini (jtm324), Salima Ali (sa848), Nicole Marie Overton (nmo6)
Reviewing CommitteeStudent Assembly Executive Committee

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
05/13/2021 Introduced to the Assembly view
05/13/2021 Adopted by the Assembly view
05/13/2021 Implemented view

Associated Meetings

Meeting Date View Details
Cornell University - Student Assembly Meeting 05/13/2021 4:45pm to 6:30pm view


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