The Office of the Assemblies staff is here to provide information, support, guidance, reimbursements, moral support, and (seasonally) hard candy.

The Office of the Assemblies provides administrative support and financial oversight to the Assemblies and their standing committees. We also work to engage constituencies across campus to increase participation in the shared governance process.

Office Staff

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  • Gina A. Giambattista

     Gina A. Giambattista
    Gina A. Giambattista Director, Office of the Assemblies

    When not managing the daily and long-term operations of the Office of the Assemblies and attending the meetings of each assembly, Gina finds time for StandUp Paddleboarding, cheering on her son's football team, and studying the latest updates to Robert's Rules of Order.

  • Wendy Treat

     Wendy Treat
    Wendy Treat Senior Coordinator, Office of the Assemblies

    Wendy provides direct support to the Student Assembly and the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, as well as website curation and overall general support. In her spare time, Wendy has participated as Elf Leader for Watkins Glen as part of the Cornell Elves and Backpack Program. She also enjoys spending time with her children and loved ones, random road trips, her inherited love of llamas and the occasional hand or two of 3-card poker. Her kids, biological and Cornell alike, keep her young at heart.

  • Auriole Corel Rodney Fassinou

     Auriole Corel Rodney Fassinou
    Auriole Corel Rodney Fassinou Clerk, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly

    Hailing from the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota, Corel is a junior Biological Sciences major concentrating in Neurobiology & Behavior in CALS aspiring to be a physician. He also hopes to minor in French and Philosophy. He has lived in 5 different states, but Ithaca sunsets make New York his favorite. When not in class, he can be found doing research in the Selvaraj Lab, at the Office of Assemblies, or hitting the books in Olin. While this is his first year as the Clerk for the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, he bring the experience of having clerked for the University Assembly during the 2019-2020 term.

  • Kassandra Li Jordan

     Kassandra Li Jordan
    Kassandra Li Jordan Clerk, University Assembly

    Kassandra is a freshman intending to major in Computer Science within CAS. She is interested in the intersection between technology and society. In her free time, she also likes to explore different mediums of art, mainly visual. This is her first year as a clerk for any assembly, but she draws from experience on the Hill and is exited to learn from and join the Cornell community.

  • Ciara Margaret Shanahan

    Ciara Shanahan is a sophomore in the School of ILR where she focuses her studies on understanding human behavior and resolving conflicts. Originating from Marlborough, Massachusetts, Ciara graduated from Marlborough High School in 2019. In her spare time, Ciara enjoys reading, painting, and exploring the natural beauty Ithaca offers. As this is her first year working with the Office of Assemblies, Ciara brings her persistence and positivity to her role as clerk for the Student Assembly.

  • Jenny Jiaying Zhang

     Jenny Jiaying Zhang
    Jenny Jiaying Zhang Clerk, Employee Assembly and Secretariat, Office of the Assemblies

    Jennifer is a freshman majoring in Urban and Regional Studies in the College of Art, Architecture, and Planning, with a possible minor in Public Policy. Besides her role as Secretariat of the Assemblies, she’s a part of Cornell University Sustainable Design, Chinese Student Association, and the Organization of Urban and Regional Studies. While she currently lives in Virginia, her favorite place will always be Michigan and the incredible beaches she grew up playing in. Jennifer is also a Food Network devotee who adores the Pioneer Woman to unhealthy extents.

  • Dakota Stennett-Neris

     Dakota Stennett-Neris
    Dakota Stennett-Neris Clerk, Codes and Judicial Committee

    Emerging from Harlem, NY, Dakota is a sophomore majoring in Biology & Society and double minoring in “Inequality Studies” and “Law & Society”. She hopes her wide array of studies will best prepare her for law school/becoming a human rights lawyer and fulfill her interest between the intersection of social justice, law, politics, and science. In addition to being the Clerk of the Codes and Judicial Committee of the University Assembly, she also spends most of her time volunteering at non-profits or trying to find deals while thrifting with friends. Other than hanging with friends and family, some of Dakota’s favorite activities are trying new foods and exploring new places!