The Office of the Assemblies staff is here to provide information, support, guidance, reimbursements, moral support, and (seasonally) hard candy.

The Office of the Assemblies provides administrative support and financial oversight to the Assemblies and their standing committees. We also work to engage constituencies across campus to increase participation in the shared governance process.

Office Staff

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  • Jessica E. Withers

     Jessica E. Withers
    Jessica E. Withers Director of the Office of the Assemblies

    Outside of Cornell, Jessica spends her time writing and being outside as much as possible.

  • Erik Geoffrey Kalweit

  • PJ Brown

  • Jenny Jiaying Zhang

     Jenny Jiaying Zhang
    Jenny Jiaying Zhang Clerk of the Student Assembly, Office of the Assemblies

    Jennifer is a senior majoring in Urban and Regional Studies in the College of Art, Architecture, and Planning, with a possible minor in Public Policy. Jennifer clerked for the Employee Assembly during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 terms, and the Graduate and Professional Assembly during the 2022-2023 term. Besides her role as clerk in the Office of the Assemblies, she’s a part of Cornell University Sustainable Design, Chinese Student Association, and the Organization of Urban and Regional Studies. While she currently lives in Virginia, her favorite place will always be Michigan and the incredible beaches she grew up playing in. Jennifer is also a Food Network devotee who adores the Pioneer Woman to unhealthy extents.

  • Anthony An Wang